«Emergence» is an interactive sound installation with ferrofluid. The project is part of the group exhibition «H2O». It will take place at Filter 4, Bruderholz, Basel.

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The Installation

«Emergence» is a kinetic sound installation with ferrofluid, reactive electromagnets and a soundstick to interact with the installation.

Behind «Emergence» is Tabea Rothfuchs (visual artist), Fabrizio Di Salvo (sound artist) and David Fortmann (creative coder). We merge our creative disciplines into one sculpture, which can be built, deformed and guided by the visitor.

Exhibition «H2O»

«Emergence» is part of the group exhibition «H20», at the IWB Filter 4, Bruderholz Basel. The exhibition is open every weekend from June to September 2015. The exhibition is organized and curated by Lichtfeld Gallerie, Basel.
Vernissage is June 13, 2015.

Your support

Ferrofluid and the electromagnetic system are the most expensive and not adaptable parts of the installation. With your support as a great backer, we will be able to build «Emergence» and offer this great interactive experience to the public.

Macro-Series «Black»

The macro-series «Black» is a still-image selection from Tabea Rothfuchs out of her experiments with Ferrofluid.
The photographs will be exhibited in Barcelona, November 2015.