Enclosures for Orangutans

by Stiftung PanEco


It is a matter of great urgency that we protect our orangutans in the quarantine and rehabilitation station in Sumatra from Corona.

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Successfully concluded on 24/5/2020

This is what it's all about

We have to prepare for the case of emergency, protect the orangutans from the virus and separate them. It is a major challenge since the quarantine and rehabilitation station already cares for over 70 orangutans. We immediately need to start building a new enclosure. Altogether, we need 5 enclosures of different sizes to separate the new arriving orangutans.

Why is your support so important?

The orangutans belong to the Great Apes and are an endangered species since there are only 14´000 of them left. Our rescue and rehabilitation station is currently taking care of animals that could strengthen and sustain their numbers. The virus poses a serious threat to the orangutans at the station. Each animal is of great importance to the species and its long-term survival.

The programme

For more than 20 years, we have been passionately protecting the orangutan and his habitat, the tropical rainforest, in Sumatra. We run the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme which includes the care, rehabilitation and release of the Great Apes as well as monitoring activities, advocacy and raising awareness.