Your Yearbook

Entkunstung Journal is an independent forum for contemporary art, theory and criticism. The journal is a curatorial, artistic and philosophical platform that seeks to map, trace and unveil contemporary artistic discourses and promotes the need to rethink and reformulate traditional concepts and theories in order to comprehend nowadays art practices and culture.

Launched in December 2016, Entkunstung Journal has already three online issues («On Politics», «On Aesthetics» and «Entkunstung») with 35 contributions in English and German free to consult on our website. The fourth issue focuses on the notion of «Power», and it will be available this September online and in the printed edition.

ENTKUNSTUNG I is a yearbook that brings together texts and works from the four editions and, furthermore, it will be complemented with artworks from artists coming from different nationalities and backgrounds. The publication (having more than 90 contributions!) is divided in 50% art, theory and criticism, and 50% artworks (photography, video, performance, music, illustration, installation, film, etc.).

The 320 pages book will feature works from well-known and international established artists and writers, alongside young emerging artists and critics, who are taking part in this project thanks to our Open Call.

The book will be printed in a limited edition with a perfect size of 14.8x 22.5cm and, thanks to a black linen hardcover, you will never want to give it away!

WRITERS Luciana Achugar (UY), Oliver Alunovic (AT), Ahira Antova (BG), Paula Brücke (AT), Alma Cardoso (MX), Alle Dicu (RO), Felipe Duque (AT), Hiram Enriquez (CU), Kilian Jörg (AT), Andrea Lumplecker (AT), Fia Matsson (SE/AT/US), Maximilian Mauracher (AT), Jan-Hendrik Müller (AT), Lucia Naser (UY), Carlos Oliveros (CO), Lu Ortiz (MX), Ina Sattlegger (AT), Katha Schaar (DE), Christopher Schweiger (AT), Leonie Seibold (DE), Johannes Siegmund (AT), Dario Srbic (HR/AT), Anna T. Steffner de Marco (ESP/AT), Monica Titton (AT)

ARTISTS Luciana Achugar (UY), Nairy Baghramiam (IR), Louise De Belle (IT), Paul Bergman (NL), Martin Buhlig (DE), Bárbara Bulhão (PT), Fábio Colaço (PT), Renata Darabant (RO/AT), Michal Dean (UK), Colin Doerffler (DE), Felipe Duque (AT), Robert Elias (US), Tobias Faisst (DE), Simon Freund (DE), Sebastian Gansrigler (AT), Peter Garmusch (AT), John Gerrard (IE), Pierre Huyghe (FR), Anne Imhof (DE), Christian Johnstone (UK), Olivia Kaiser (AT), Eike König (DE), Anne Kristin Kristiansen (DK), Moke Li (CN), Melanie Maar (AT/US), Justin Matherly (US), Fia Mattson (SE/AT/US), Naeem Mohaiemen (BD/UK), Jorma Müller (CH/FI), Yuri Pattison (IE), Zara Pfeifer (AT), Signe Pierce (US), Marlies Pöschl (AT), Natalia Dominguez Rangel (CO/NL), Mika Rottenberg (AR), Daniel Rupp (DE), Michail Rybakov (DE), Max Salzborn (DE), Katha Schaar (DE), David Schiesser (DE), Tobias Siebrecht (CH), Alina Sokolova (UA), Dario Srbic (HR/AT), Hito Steyerl (DE), Bengt Stiller (DE), Nasan Tur (DE), Nicole Ziegler (DE), Pakui Hardware (DE/LT), Siyumao (CN/DE), Adorno (AT), Altun Deniz (AT), Alves (AT), DJ Nike (AT), Elin (AT), Peel (AT), Sedvs (AT), Kobermann (AT)

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Your Rewards

During the campaign you can pre-order the book at a reduced price of 15,- Euro - later it will be sold online and offline for a regular price of 20,- Euro.

Besides the publication, there are some nice things we are going to produce with great people and entkunstung friends to reward your support.

_ The compilation: Together with various producers and musicians we created 9 tracks which are going to be available to download via Bandcamp with a link you’ll get after the successful campaign. And if in the end there’s some money left, we will make a new vinyl release with those tracks!

_ The T-shirts: You can choose if you want black or white - and we’re going to take care of the minimal silkscreen print.

_ The Vinyl: Entkunstung is not just a journal, no, it’s also a Record Label and at the moment we are working on our second release to be release exclusively on vinyl!

_ The Art Prints: Choose one out of five artworks and we wil print it on High-Quality Paper (size depending on the artwork, about 30x40cm - Artwork by Dario Srbic: 128x87,5 cm). You’ll get it safely packed via airmail.

_ The Track: We can produce a surprise track only for you! It’s up to you, if you share it or keep it for you ;)

_ If you are in Vienna on the weekend of the 23rd of September, maybe visiting the two major art events of the year while fancying around our publication, we cordially invite you to dance with us at the Grelle Forelle (Best Club in Town) for free! Because Entkunstung is also a party event, that promotes local electronic music producers and DJs and this time, we have to celebrate ENTKUNSTUNG I!

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Your Support

The book is almost finished and that’s great! It will be sent to the printer straight after the end of the campaign, so we can celebrate its release already End of September.

But: The costs are high. Not only print and binding, which is of course the biggest part, but also all of the small stuff, like shipping, the release event, … and as we’ve already put in a lot of time and effort any kind of support means a lot to us!

We’re proud of this first yearbook and we’re sure, you will like it too. So help us to get this running and we’ll eagerly work on more online content, new record releases and hopefully another yearbook next year.

Thank You for your support, sincerely: Felipe Duque & Maximilian Mauracher Entkunstung Journal Editors.

Note: We can also give you a confirmation for your financial support in case you need it for your accounting - unfortunately not for payments via this platform. So please tell us if you’re interested ( and we figure out how to handle your support the best way possible!