Essaouira / Eliane Laubscher

Essaouira / Eliane Laubscher

by AFA


The swiss photographer Eliane Laubscher visited Essaouira in 1980. Les Archives du Futur Antérieur selected 30 pictures for an exhibition of streetphotography with a focus on woman and architecture.

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Concluded on 13/7/2024

Photo exhibition Archive du Futur Antérieur

In 1980, Eliane Laubscher stays for one month in the medina of En 1980, Essaouira with the dutch photographer Robb Casimir Alexander Buitenmann (1946-2015). Their family and kids trip becomes some kind of artistic residency for photographers. Both photographers were very prolific and made beautifull photos that they brought back to Switzerland with them. These images stayed ever since hidden in the archives.

In 2024, les Archives du Futur Antérieur (AFA) ask for the permission to look at the archive of Eliane Laubscher and decides to make a selection of photos dedicated to women and to show them where they were made, in Essaouira, 43 years later.

We then went on to knock on the door of la Délégation du Ministère de la Jeunesse, des Sports et de la Culture du Maroc in Essaouira with a photo exhibition project. A place and a date are settled right away.

The exhibition will take place at Borj Bab Marrakech, from 05.07 - 20.07 h Opening july 5th 2024 at 6 pm.

We now have 29 days left to find the financing for our exhibition.

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The first exhibition of Eliane Laubscher in Maroco

This streetphoto exhibition is the opportunity to share an extraordinary photographic work with a broader public. Eliane Laubscher is a photographer’s photographer, help us give her the visibility she needs.

The images selected by les Archives du Futur Antérieur (AFA) form some kind of photographic study of the female condition in Essaouira in 1980. In her photographs, the city is like a soft background presence, like a veil of smoke in wich women are active.

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    Affiche Essaouira

Support a pioneer freelance female photographer

Eliane Laubscher is an artist whose work has been hiden for too long!

Recognized for her freeelance press photo signature style in Switzerland and her original take on art photography in the 80ies. It is the first presentation of some her streetphoto work. It is only now that her artistic side is starting to shine again !

Support us and help us make her work more visible.

Choose one of the limited edition surprises that we have prepared for you in the Conterpart section.

1000 thanks for the one that can support us.

The money collected through this crowdfunding will be specifically use to cover :

  • the Cahier de Recherche publication of the exhibition
  • digitize the negatives

*retouch the images

  • produce 30 enlargements

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