Ekimeli School has grown! In order to be able to continue to offer the almost 500 pupils a good quality of education, we have to expand the infrastructure.

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Successfully concluded on 8/7/2023

Expansion of the Ekimeli school in Kasangulu, DR Congo

In 2013, Brigitte Wickart and Laura Münger jointly founded the NGO Ekimeli. Three years later, they were able to celebrate the completion of the first project with the other board members of the NGO Ekimeli. With exclusively voluntary commitment and thanks to generous donations from Switzerland, we from the NGO Ekimeli were able to build a school in Kasangulu in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The daily running of the school can already be ensured for several years without external financial support. For larger projects, however, we are still dependent on donations from abroad. In the past, we were able to build sanitary facilities and a protective wall around the entire school grounds. Today we need your support again! The original infrastructure has definitely become too small for the meanwhile about 500 girls and boys who are taught in the kindergarten as well as in the primary and secondary school in Ekimeli. We would like to expand the infrastructure of the school, in particular we need additional classrooms. Teaching in smaller classes is the basis to be able to apply our new pedagogical concept in a second step. We would like to offer new teaching content, e.g. IT knowledge or the practical teaching of such important topics as sustainability and entrepreneurship. In addition, we would like to expand the pedagogical methods and integrate new approaches, such as multilingual teaching or concepts from the Montessori school. With this holistic expansion of the school, we want to ensure that the 500 boys and girls at our school can continue to enjoy a good quality of education.

We are migrating to tackle the expansion in person!

After exactly ten years of exclusively voluntary work from Switzerland, Brigitte and Laura have decided to emigrate with their family to the DR Congo this summer. We are convinced that closer cooperation on the spot will give this heartfelt project an additional boost and that we can thus make an important contribution to regional development.

Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world. - Nelson Mandela

We need YOUR support!

We are personally committed to ensuring that every cent donated is invested in the expansion of the school. As a thank you for your support, you can expect many great gifts with a direct connection to our school: beautiful bags and pillowcases made of colourful wax prints, produced for the NGO Ekimeli; a personalized postcard, a 2024 year planner, or a notepad with pictures of the school; or would you rather have an even more memorable reward? Then choose one of our top rewards! Each reward is a souvenir for your contribution to a good quality education for 500 girls and boys in DR Congo!

Alone we go faster, together we go further.