Fake, the story

Romain, a professional YouTuber with several millions of followers takes part in a 24-hour «live streaming» contest. The aim for each contestant is to amass a maximum number of viewers before the deadline. During the game, Romain loses his entire following to Naomi, a 20 year-old woman who is threatening to commit suicide… live on the internet.

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The concept

Fake takes place in real time. The movie follows the final hour of an online live streaming marathon, in which ordinary people film themselves with their webcams and stream live for the whole world to see. The aim of the contest is to spend a full 24 hours streaming live, reaching the deadline with as many followers as possible. And in order to win, anything goes…

The scenario

The story itself took an entire year of research and writing. Based on real events, Fake addresses humanity’s relationship with the digital world, our perception of reality and the widely preconceived notions of what «success» really means. The thriller follows the final hour of a contest in real-time, with tension progressively building up from Romain’s point of view… and growing suspense concerning how far such a cruel game can actually take a person.

The visual setting

Fake takes place behind closed doors. Such settings are common in movies by the likes of Polanski, Cronenberg, Aronovsky, etc. However, the latter all remain references. Rather than emulating an existing style, this movie aims to create its very own visual energy, based on the feelings expressed by the production team. Each scene is currently being thoroughly dissected, to offer the most precise production and visuals possible for each dramatic turn of events and emotional confrontation.

Why we need your help

Fake was conceived and created by professionals. However, the entire crew has accepted to work for free. The only forces driving us are our love for our subject, for the scenario and of course, for the team spirit that unites us. 
We’re only missing one thing: financial support for 12 people, working for 14 days in order to bring this dramatic, high-tech closed-door scenario to life. Costs for 12 professionals working for 14 days include:

  • Accommodation

  • Food

  • Transportation

  • Rental of production equipment and related expenses

Your donations will help us secure financing for the rest of the project, which will involve renting the best possible technical equipment (cameras, lights and machines).
Despite this project’s micro-budget, we all feel fully capable of producing a visually thrilling movie, brought to life by a rock-solid scenario.

The main production team

The director

Anastase Liaros has produced three award-winning short fiction movies and a medium-length movie, featuring an interactive concept based on surveillance cameras, which drew over 2 million viewers on internet. On the side, he has worked for Swiss television as a director/journalist for 15 years.

The director of photography

Tangi Zahn is a photographer since 2006 and a director of photography since 2011. He did participate to numerous advertising and corporate films. He works on a regular basis with several broadcast TV companies (RTS, Arte, TV5 monde…). Now a day he steps more and more into fiction and documentary projects.

The sound engineer

Allan Mantilleri is an audio director from a production company based in Geneva. He works as a sound director on a great number of audiovisual productions (advertising, corporate, short movies, etc.) all over Switzerland.

The art director

Nicolas Meyer has been creating images since childhood by animating characters to tell his stories and explore wacky worlds. From short films to music videos, commercials, web series and even theatrical creations, Nicolas explores every style and doesn’t abnegate any of them.

Romain’s character

Guillaume Prin is a Swiss actor, screenwriter and writer. He studied at the Conservatoire Supérieur d’Art Dramatique (Higher Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts) in Geneva. He has played in over forty performances in French-speaking Switzerland, France and Belgium, as well as in nearly thirty movies. He has namely worked with Claude Gorreta, Francis Reusser and Alain Tanner.

Naomi’s character

Isabela de Moraes Evangelista started attending Lausanne’s Manufacture drama school in September 2015. She will graduate for her acting B.A. in July 2018. Since 2011, she has performed in several shows, festivals, movies and in both amateur and professional performances.