Together for a world without Hunger

COVID-19 has shaken all of humanity by putting us through extreme times of uncertainties.

With the lockdown being carelessly lifted and the cases increasing by 1000 everyday, unemployment and recovery is one of the biggest setbacks that is affecting daily wage labour communities in India. These communities work as househelps, security guards, construction workers, food vendors, etc. While we have been coping with norms of social distancing, they have been struggling to afford basic food for one meal a day due to the lack of income.

Support our fundraiser to support these communities with resources for RELIEF and RECOVERY.

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Be our changemaker

Driven by compassion, we at BASEhabitat, are striving to raise funds to donate basic food supplies, along with your support, to these migrant and daily wage worker communities in Mumbai who are struggling with the unimaginable scenario of not having enough food or money to feed themselves and their families.

How will your contribution make a difference?

The funds raised are used to provide affected communities with basic food supply packages that will be distributed through schools and locals of the communities in 11 identified regions of Mumbai such as Malwani in Malad, Koliwada in Juhu, Dharavi, Mankhurd, Malad (West and East) and six others.

One package contains essential food items that feeds a family of four persons for a month and costs 1350 INR (= 16 Euros) : 10 kgs of rice, 5 kg of wheat, 2 kg of lentils, 1 litre of oil, 1 kg of sugar, 100 g of tea leaves and masala.

An amount that we probably spend on one meal outside in Europe is equivalent to a month’s supply of food to a family in India to sustain themselves in these difficult times and prevent them from being forced to look for jobs that may expose them to COVID. Now, more than ever, these communities need us. And WE NEED YOU.

There is nothing more beautiful than going out of your way to make life better for others. Your support can save a family’s life thousands of miles away.

You can help us MAKE IT!

From the overall funds raised, 75% will be to support the families, 15% will be for the rewards and 10% to thank wemakeit platform.

As two of us from the BASEhabitat team are from Mumbai, the packages will be distributed through

  • locals identified in each of the areas identified and,
  • local schools in the areas identified serving as pick up points. The children of these families were students of these schools before lockdown and reached out to us to help as distributors.

The rewards will come directly from the children of these beneficiary Indian families to you. With every package delivery, we will be providing the children with postcard templates. Through this, the idea is to help these little ones have a medium of expression. These templates have incomplete images of sustainability and the current situation of isolation for them to express and give wings to their imagination.

From them to you for a better world !

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