Basel's first ferry shop with takeaway coffee, snacks, ferry memberships / events, and many other special Basel favourites.

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Successfully concluded on 4/12/2017


During a ferry ride on the Rhine, many a Basler says: «I should take the Fähri more often.» Everyone knows and loves it and yet many do not know of our newly expanded offering. With the first mainland station of the ferries I would like to make the ferry a little more accessible everyone. For tourists FERRY TALES is a unique souvenir shop. For locals it will be a place to find out about our latest ferry offerings or just enjoy a coffee and chat!


The idea for the Ferry Tales shop was established in spring 2017. I founded the company, collected ideas and ran from office to office, filling out forms and I took my first barista course. Many friends who are professionals in all possible disciplines, jumped without batting an eye with full force into the boat. New acquaintances are also pitching in with help and advice. Everything seemed to run like clockwork, and nothing seemed to stand in the way of the planned opening in two months. But we had all overlooked a small detail: a new water line would require a building permit. We knew this and thought it was a mere formality. I presented the idea together with an architect to the building inspector. It turned out that even if the drinks and snacks were to take away, it required an extension of the retail space which has to be approved. This meant an additional unexpected mountain of unplanned expenses that more than doubled my investment. But here’s how you can come into play.


To get started, I need your help! In addition to the unexpected administrative costs, FERRY TALES still needs refrigerators, sink, coffee machine, shelves POS system and many small items that add up quickly. Become a «FERRY Godmother» or «FERRY Godfather» for FERRY TALES! Every donation is important and helps Basel to have its first ever Ferry store. I thank you wholeheartedly and look forward to you welcoming you soon in the shop :)