Festas Suramericanas & Braiding Chopin - two exciting piano solo Cd projects!

FESTAS SURAMERICANAS - as the linguistically (portuguese-spanish) mixed title does reveal, this CD with piano works by Heitor Villa Lobos and Alberto Ginastera leads us into Brazilian and Argentine sun! The album does unify eruptive wildness and fragile tenderness of this strongly folklore-influenced music to untamed joy of life that I want to carry out to the world!

BRAIDING CHOPIN may be considered as sequel to my solo debut album «Braiding Bach». Piano works by the polish romantic master are interacting with my own compositions. There are striking structural similarities with Chopin’s works and this all does lead to a dramaturgical artistic synthesis. Expressive and contemplative - and therefore another mirror of human soul!

Here is another video with recordings of a spontaneously set up concert in Cape Town, February 2018, sponsored by wonderful people as well (see credits)! South Africa and South America show many similarities in their mentality, especially their joy of life!

An Exceptional German in the middle of the Rainforest

This quote is taken from a short essay written by the renowned Brazilian composer Marcelo Nadruz about my Villa Lobos interpretations. Further on he states: «The performance was so impressive that I could feel the tonal colors of the pieces played. As if the pianist himself was able to bring to life the great Brazilian composer on stage!»

«Festas Suramericanas» does feature Villa Lobos’ «Rudepoêma» - a true dance on a vulcano! - and his exuberant suite «Ciclo Brasileiro». The strongly rhythmic «Danzas Argentinas» by Alberto Ginastera and his 1st piano sonata complete the album.

In «Braiding Chopin» five works by the great Polish composer (1st Ballade, 1st Scherzo, 1st Polonaise, Fantaisie-Impromptu and Mazurka op. 24,2) do alternate with my own jazz-influenced compositions. This puts Chopin’s works in a dramatically surprising new light - and apart from all stylistic difference it does show striking similarities of Chopin’s way of composing to jazz!

Project Title Photo: Monica Zorzanelli ©

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This is what I need backing for.

This double feature was planned because of continuous request by my audiences worldwide. As you can imagine, a project like that does blow any private budget and therefore does require potent sponsorship. Therefore I invite you to become active part of this project by your financial support!

Each support at any amount is welcome! For further info: If desired, I will write a personal dedication on each «hand signed» CD!

Now here’s a listing of the expenses, including information about recording location and people involved:

  • recording: ARS-Produktion, www.ars-produktion.de (with a friendly discount for the double feature)
  • recording location and instrument: Performance hall of Bösendorfer piano manufactory in Wiener Neustadt on Bösendorfer 280VC, www.boesendorfer.com
  • piano tuning and -hosting: Johannes Mayer, www.klaviermayer.at
  • travel-, accommodation- and food expenses for everyone involved
  • booklet text «Festas»: Ana Beatriz Gaertner, Brasilia https://anagaertner.blogspot.com.br

The estimated amount of this project as mentioned does cover 70% of the total expenses - the remaining 30% will be covered by myself, as well as my expenses for the following cutting session in Germany.

Finally here’s some basic information concerning the project:

  • date of recording: May 21 until 26, 2018
  • intended release «Festas Suramericanas»: summer 2018
  • intended release «Braiding Chopin»: autumn/winter 2018 (approximately 2 or 3 months after Festas)

Any of your questions and suggestions concerning the whole project and the pledges are always welcome! I will answer them reliably in a short time.

Many thanks and best vibes!