Filter 4 danc3: A feeling of discomfort, a feeling of the unknown… A modern unique dance production with a twist!A project by GMR Dance Basel.

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Project Short Introduction

Filter 4 danc3: A feeling of discomfort, a feeling of the unknown… Filter 4 danc3 is a modern project where performers, audience and choreographers move out of their comfort zone.

This unique concept will be an inspiration to all who take part, and it is the start of an exciting future for modern dance in Basel. Please come and join us on the danc3 journey!

Further Project and Venue Details

danc3 will take the dancers and audience out their own normal traditional theatre setting.

They will be dancing in the sand, wooden flooring or moving from one setting to an other, not having the limits of space that we normally see on stage. The audience will be also moved out of their comfort zone, the opportunity to follow the dancers within this production. A feeling of becoming themselves somehow part of the show.

The Event takes place within the IWB Filter 4 culture affairs space located in Basel Bruderholz. The building was previously used as a public water filtering plant serving the area of Basel, since its renovation, it is now used as platform for art and culture.

Due to the massive stonewalls; the space gives the feeling that you are in a large cave. Upon entering the filter space, the outside world is left behind and you fully immerse yourself in a different world.

In this unique scenery, art installations are placed; they work in contrast with the deep and original workings of this former filtering station.

About us

We are three successful ballet dancers – Jorge García Pérez, Debora Maiques Marin and Javier Rodriguez Cobos all co-founders of GMR dance.

We are taking the exciting steps as choreographers and transferring our creative vision and past experience into this unique modern ballet, leading 11 professional dancers within the Filter4 space.

Why we need your help

As this our first independent project, we have many costs that need to be covered that include payment to the dancers, crew and technicians who have worked tirelessly in helping us make this dream project come alive.

We really appreciate your help and support, no matter how big the donation.

Please feel free to contact us on if you have any questions or require further information at the following email –

A big thank you to all of you for helping this project becoming reality…