«101 Fine Art Nude Photographers»

This Premium anthology is a tribute to the beauty and aesthetics of stylish fine art nude photography. The professionally produced hard-cover book will present an excellent selection of the most talented contemporary nude photographers and show the multifaceted creativity, impressive imagery and excellent technique in high quality.

Each artist feature is presented with up to 4 full-format work examples, accompanied by a bilingual (German / English) Artist Statement and a compact biographical part and the web address of the protagonists.

This anthology is strictly limited to 101 artists.

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The book will be available by ISBN and VLB Listing throughout the German book trade (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). In addition, we offer this publication in the most English spoken countries by Nielsen Book Services Ltd. etc. and Bowker UK Listing, as well as through Amazon, AbeBooks.com and selected museum bookshops.

Key Facts:

  • Format: 19,5 x 21 cm. Scope: approximately 300 pages. Cover: hardcover, UV coating. Content: paper, matt, 150g / sqm.
  • Bilingual text part (German / English)
  • Scheduled release date: 1st – 2nd quarter 2017
  • Planned sales price: € 38.00
  • Intended 1st edition: 2500 copies

Why we need your support:

With this Cowdfunding campaign we want to realize the project in a timely manner and cover a part of the cost-intensive development, printing and marketing costs.

For your support and help we would like to thank you very much and have a few beautiful and exclusive rewards:

On behalf of the entire team, I like to thank you for your help in the realization of this project and hope you enjoy the beautiful and inspiring journey through the varied world of contemporary fine art nude photography.

P.S.: The here shown book cover and other images are working drafts. The final design can slightly modify during the development phase.

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