Help us to build the little house for the queen of bioconversion. Where it reproduces and prepares itself for the process of valorization of food waste into new sustainable and healthy resources.

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Successfully concluded on 31/8/2020

Our ally in the food waste fight

Did you know that 2.8 million tons of food were thrown away in Switzerland in 2019? That is equivalent to 4,000 whales, or 200 oil tankers, or even 100,000 elephants. Why aren’t they consumed? Why don’t we save their nutrients? We have the solution to this waste and its consequences for the environment.

The bioconversion queen, the black soldier fly, is a little and cute insect that can help us. Its larvae are fond of organic waste and they eat every waste from domestic, agricultural, and industrial production.

For each ton of this product, we save 50 tons of CO2! And all of this happens with the maximum safety and naturalness! These amazing creatures transform organic waste into safe, healthy, and nutritious feed for dogs, cats, fish, and poultry, as well as biofuels to air-condition our houses.

The Black Soldier Fly is the perfect ally not only in the battle against food waste but also against the environmental impact of animal protein production farms. Indeed, it requires very few resources (no water, little land, and little energy), generates CO2 emissions close to zero, and produces waste which is actually an excellent fertilizer.

How and why did we develop this project?

We at TicInsect have developed the first pilot farm with THE QUEEN OF BIOCONVERSION in Ticino! Help us to bring the benefits of this process to the whole of Switzerland!

We started with the idea of making possible the transformation of what is wasteful today into a healthy and sustainable resource, to preserve our planet by using available natural methods. In the near future, we want to leave only sustainable footprints and be initiators of the circular economy in food production.

The creators of our project are two women, mothers, and entrepreneurs who have chosen to focus their future on sustainability. Their experience, foresight, and determination bring them to interest the economical and political Swiss world so that sustainability will also become their goal.

«I am Elisa, an agricultural engineer, and I have seen the potential of these insects in waste management and as sustainable feed since the university.»

«I am Elena and I saw in Elisa’s project a strong potential in the alternative management of wastes that will allow developing a circular economy by which will be possible to preserve our planet.»

How will we use your support?

Our warriors need little houses to live, grow, and develop their life cycle in order to be able to eat quietly and fight food waste (comfortably in an armchair). Because of that, we need your support to buy and put into operation 50 little breeding houses on Swiss territory.

Thank you for your contribution and thanks to those who believed in us since the outset as «Schweizer Berghilfe», «Ente Regionale per lo Sviluppo del Luganese», investors, collaborators, relatives, and friends.