The Goal

Forest Jam is a cultural exchange in the most simple way – making music, traveling and living together for a month. A group of 9 young Swiss artists travel to Madagascar in April 2015 on an educational journey. The goal is to get to know the local music- and lifestyle and to collaborate with young and also traditional Malagasy musicians.

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What we do

Our educational journey starts in the capital Antananarivo where we prepare for two free live gigs with several local musicians. We then travel in small buses to the North of the great island where we meet and work with more local musicians with the idea to perform live gigs in Ambanja, Diego Suarez and the island of Nosy Be. Our homepage is, or here you find our English Facebook.

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Who is involved

  • Olombelo Ricky is Madagascar’s most popular musician, an outspoken environmental activist and a highly regarded ethnomusicologist. Ricky recorded his first international album with Airto Moreira in 1995 after touring Switzerland extensively with Patent Ochsner. He lectures at the Universities of Southampton and Munich to promote the Malagasy Culture.
  • Madala Kunene, the King of the Zulu Guitar calls his musical style Madala Line with some roots remotely embedded in maskanda but South African blues and folk might be better description of his music. Madala’s unique gift is that his music incorporates all South African folk styles. Madala recorded 3 albums with Swiss guitarist Max Lässer.
  • Robert Trunz, Swiss music producer and founder of the UK based label MELT2000. Robert is the initiator and organizer of FOREST JAM.
  • In the team are young musicians from Switzerland, Madagascar, South Africa and Senegal.
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Why we need your support

A large portion of the expenses in Madagascar during this one month long project in Madagascar has already been secured. We receive help from friends and family in Switzerland and South Africa. All young SWISS musicians pay for their own air tickets and visa cost. What is missing are financial contributions for a group of 25 participating musicians to cover local transport, food and accommodation. Fortunately living costs in Madagascar are very reasonable which keeps the cost at a rational level. We are most grateful for every contribution.

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