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This is what it's all about.

Under the name «Thurgreens» we want to establish one of the first vertical farms in Switzerland and set new standards in plant production. Our motivated team makes this possible through laboratory, research, horticultural and marketing experience. Our focus is on general plant cultivation. The system we have developed and tested allows us to produce higher quality plants with higher yields than would be possible with conventional methods. Thanks to our technology, we are not only able to conserve resources, but we also incur low costs. Because we grow vertically, we can accommodate more plants in fewer square meters than conventional farming. The flexibility of our plant also allows us to produce exactly the plants that are currently most in demand on the market. Our customers are pharmaceutical companies (e.g. golden balm, legal cannabis (CBD & CBG), etc.), food producers (vegetables), cosmetics manufacturers (aromatic plants) or head stores. According to statements of potential customers and tests, our product quality is in the top segment. Test batches are available as samples.

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My project is special because ...

We are a young, motivated and team that has a passion and love for our company and the plant world. In addition, we bring the experience that it takes to start and run your own business. In the last year we have managed to rent premises, furnish and equip with all the necessary materials. Our prototype is already running. Also, the first test batches have already been successfully produced and tested with it, and our products are very well received by potential customers.

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This is what I need backing for.

We need support to start our business properly. We are ready to go. We have a functioning infrastructure, have already produced our first test batches and presented our products to potential buyers. We also already have customers lined up who would like to work with us. However, in order to really get started, we need to establish a limited liability company. For this we now need your financial support.