Introductory video

A short introductory video to show the reasons for the creation of Frame, in which is represented the structure and design of the social networks type marketplace and with the achievement of the number of active users expectations.

The company

We are convinced that the only way to stand out from the ocean of images and videos available daily on the Internet is to offer quality material. Frame adds value to photographers’ skills and work, enabling them to earn more than competitors and creating a familiar community where dialogue and comparison are encouraged and it is even possible to take photography/videomaker courses. Frame wants to revolutionize how the market is approached by handing the power over to the real protagonist: the author. Frame is innovative because it allows brands and individuals to request photos and videos taken according to specific requirements and, at the same time, inspire users with extraordinary content. The process is designed so as to encourage the professional growth of amateur users and allow professional users to actively contribute to the community. In Frame the photographers can upload their works for resale with the necessary licenses to other interested users.

The website

For several months we thoroughly studied the characteristics of the competition; we started discussions in various blogs of amateur and professional photographers to understand the sector’s issues. All this information has made us confident that we are able to create a «social network» for photographers with unique and functional characteristics. Our main challenge is to become a benchmark in the world of photography/video.The User Interface has got minimal graphics in order to enhance image quality, while the User Experience facilitates community involvement and interaction from the get-go. Frame’s technical infrastructure was designed to be flexible and adaptable. It can handle large amounts of data efficiently and without latency. Data access can evolve without requiring code refactoring, allowing for the opportunity to expand into new markets in the future. Frame’s flow and user experience are also the motivators of the creativity and quality of its visual products, and these are difficultly replicated by competitors without significant upheavals.

Frame website design

The platform has a design and structure similar to the largest social network in the world, «facebook» and this allows to offer the user a structure already known and tested. The site consists of a navigation menu on the top (black), on the right there are the chat blog and search for images using characteristics (gray), the left hand appears the latest news of Frame (gray) and finally in midst is the navigation area (white).

LOGIN: Access to Frame is free forever. User registration allows you to control which users (verified users) and the works uploaded to the platform.

EXPLORE – MOST RECENT: Through a proper icon, you can enter the menu «Explore – Most recent» where you will see the latest images and videos added by users of Frame.

EXPLORE – ALBUM: Clicking on «Explore – Album» you can see the classified images for different albums on the frame, such as: sea, beaches, sunsets, etc.

FOLLOWS: As the largest existing social networks, Frame allows you to follow the photographers and video makers that we like to be always informed about their latest creations.

MY PROFILE: Being a social network, Frame lets you view your profile. On this menu, you can insert images and videos, browsing their own jobs, enter courses and much higher still.

CONTEST: Frame allows to participate in the specific requests of the customers photographs, such as requests for photographs with clothes or shoes. In this menu if a user wants a photograph that does not yet exist, it can be requested at the Frame communities.

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Why support Frame

Frame has all the features necessary to face competition with giants such as Flickr or 500px. The social network Frame will expand first across in Europe and then worldwide. The goal is to make competitive the Ticino canton and Switzerland in comparison to the giants of Silicon Valley.