Supporting independent art production in Novi Sad by UPCYCLING technical equipment


«KC LAB» is an emerging, independent cultural centre founded in June 2017 by a group of young cultural workers in Novi Sad. Initiatives such as these are essential for the development of the local art scene.


As part of their strategy to support and cultivate a local, independent cultural scene, KC LAB started a «Free Rental System» of technical equipment for cultural production. It will be organized and managed online, allowing young people from Novi Sad to have access to the equipment in the easiest way possible. The KC LAB crew will maintain the service and look forward to establish a long term service that will expand and thrive over time. 


One of the biggest obstacles for cultural production in Serbia (as in many other places) is the lack of equipment: neither the faculties, nor the city provide free rental equipment, and rental prices are often far too expensive for young people who want to take their first steps within the arts.

 Since March, we have been collecting technical equipment from diverse private donors and institutions from all over Switzerland. In June the equipment will be fully repaired and on the 1st of July we will transport everything to «Kulturni Centar LAB» in Novi Sad, Serbia.


  • March to April: Collection

  • June: Repairs

  • 1st of July: Transport


  • CHF 2’000.- for the repairs
  • CHF 2’000.- for the transport
  • (CHF 400.- = 10% that goes to «wemakeit»)


Interdependency – we are a group of young Zurich based artists, originally from Winterthur, Fribourg and Novi Sad. Together with our friends at the LAB we developed this plan to extend the FREE RENTAL SYSTEM of «KC LAB».


Taking serious the importance of ecological consciousness and recycling, as well as a commons of material goods, we aim to establish an international cultural collaboration which is based on mutual care and a shared responsibility.

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List of technical equipment (actualized on 1st o May)

  • 4 Moving Head Light - Flight Case on Wheels
  • 4 MAC 250 Moving Head
  • 8 Safety Cables
  • 8 Showtec - 50 mm Universal Moving Head Clamp
  • 4 MONACOR - Netzkabel abgewinkelt, 1m - AAC-100IEC
  • 3 Spotlight milano - italy 20133 via Sismondi, 50
  • 10 Eurolite PAR-64 Spotlight, Black Overview
  • 4 Universal T Bar For 35mm Stands
  • 2 Pinspot 36 light
  • 8 DMX Cables
  • 1 DMX Spliter for DMX 4 xlr and 5 xlr
  • 6 Whisper 1 kw color changer (+ extra foils)
  • 4 Eurolite Barndoors for PAR-38 Spotlight, Black
  • 1 Fender Frontman 25R 75W Guitar Amp
  • 3 DVD players
  • 1 VHS player
  • 1 TV Monitor
  • 2 platines
  • 1 Imac (white housing, ca 2005)
  • 1 Mac Mini (2008)
  • 1 MacPro 2010/11
  • 2 Screens
  • 1 Master Midi Keyboard EMO UF6
  • 1 Asus PC V3-P5G33
  • 1 Screen Samsung 226BW
  • 6 Beamers (of which 1 canon, 2 Epson, 1 Acer PD523)
  • Panasonic Lumix TZ20
  • 3 Nikon D70 (without lenses)
  • 1 Tascam recorder

*List actualized on the 1st of May 2019

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Your generosity will on one hand sustainably support emerging artists from Novi Sad thanks to the « free rental service ». On the other hand, you will support the infrastructure of « Kulturni Centar LAB » which organizes and hosts numerous events within their space as well as artistic residencies for national and international artists.

Team «Interdependency»: Nathalie Stirnimann & Stefan Stojanovic & Tobias Bienz

A project in collaboration with «Kulturni Centar LAB», Novi Sad, Serbia.

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