Freedom of Speechless is coming to ISRAEL!!!By More Productions, on 29/8/2017 19:01


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תומכים יקרים שלנו לאחר סבב ההופעות בשוויץ ובברלין, אנחנו מגיעות לארץ ישראל.

נסגרו התאריכים לסיבוב הופעות הבכורה ברחבי הארץ ואתם הראשונים לדעת. אתם מוזמנים לבחור את המועד המועדף עליכם ולידע אותנו כדי שנשמור עבורכם כרטיסים.

להלן מועדי ההופעות:

14/10/2017- 21:00 תאטרון בית מזיא, ירושלים

16/10/2017- 20:00 מרכז שלומי לתאטרון אלטרנטיבי, שלומי

25/10/2017- 20:00 תאטרון תמונע, תל אביב

26/10/2017- 20:00 תאטרון תמונע, תל אביב

אנא השיבו למייל

נא לציין שם מלא, מועד מועדף ומספר כרטיסים.

בנוסף מוזמנים ב-28/10/17 למסיבת סיום סבב ההופעות בגלריית «קן הקוקיה» ביפו. פרטים בהמשך.

בברכת חופש ויצירה

מור וירדן

Dear backers!

We are happy to inform you that Freedom of Speechless will tour in Israel in October 2017. In case you haven’t used your purchased ticket yet, please pick your favorite time and place, let us know and we will reserve your seat.

Tour dates:

14/10/2017 - 21:00 Beit Mazia Theater, Jerusalem

16/10/2017 – 20:00 Shlomi Center for Alternative Theater, Shlomi

25/10/2017 – 20:00 Tmuna Theater, Tel-Aviv

26/10/2017 – 20:00 Tmuna Theater, Tel-Aviv

Please respond by email to -

Including full name, preferred time and date, number of tickets.

In addition you are invited to the closing party in Coukoo’s Nest Gallery in Jaffa. More details to come.

We wish you freedom and creativity,

Mor and Yarden


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coming soon to Israel // בקרוב אצלכםBy More Productions, on 7/5/2017 12:04

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תומכים יקרים!

שמחות לבשר כי סיימנו בהצלחה את סבב ההופעות שלנו בשוויץ ובברלין.

מחכות ומצפות להופיע בישראל!!!!

תאריכי ההופעות בארץ ייסגרו בקרוב, ואתם תיהיו הראשונים לדעת !

בינתיים נפנק אתכם בטריילר משובח


מור וירדן

Dear Backers!

we are delighted to inform you that the tour on Switzerland and Berlin has concluded with great success.

We will soon update you about the tour dates for the shows in Israel.

In the meantime we share with you our official trailer.


Yarden and Mor


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on tour updatesBy More Productions, on 5/4/2017 22:51

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dear freedom supporters!

we are happy to update you from the way.

we just finished the Swiss part of our tour.

It was a pleasure to conclude our rehearsal period in Chössi Theater and to give birth to our baby in this lovely theater with all the beautiful people that work so hard to make this theater work.

The shows in Rennweg 26 were very intense and colorful. the phantome of the underground was present and made our work live and kicking!

in Verscio we found a supporting home and community to share and exchange energies! it was so inspiring.

Now we are ready for the last part of the first chapter of this journey with the shows on Berlin!

This weekend we are ready to shake Kreuzberg!!!

Soon we will update you for the shows in Israel!

We send all of you freedom and love <3

Yarden & Mor


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Invitation for Freedom of SpeechlessBy More Productions, on 8/3/2017 15:22

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Dear and lovely wemakeit backers!

We are delighted and proud to invite you to the premiere of Freedom of Speechless.

Bellow you will find the list of our first tour.

If you have purchased a ticket to the show and for some reason did not get an invitaion by email, please contact us at:
Please let us know the date and location that you would like to attend, and we will save you a seat.

If you have purchased and extra reward, don’t worry! it is on the way to you!

THANK YOU once again for supporting Freedom of Speechless!!!


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Update from freedom of Speechless!By More Productions, on 17/2/2017 12:05

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We are one month before the Swiss permiere and very close to the end of the rehearsal period in Tel-Aviv.

We are very excited and curious about the upcoming birth of our baby, and we wanted to share with you our gratitude for making this dream reality!

very soon we will publish the official flyer and tour plan.

See y’all there!

Mor and Yarden


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WE MADE IT!!!!By More Productions, on 16/1/2017 22:07


We are soooooooo happy to announce our success!

we would never have done it without you!

our backers! our friends, family and public!

we do it with you and for you!

together we have the strength to move things forward.

we are now starting the creation of freedom of SPEECHLESS and we will make sure we have the best show we can make for all of us!

T H A N K Y O U ! ! !



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THANK YOU!By More Productions, on 14/12/2016 19:08

Dear Backers,

what a great day today! we’ve reached almost half of our goal and we have still 33 days to go.

This is only thanks to you- Our first circle of family and friends.

We feel honored and lucky to have you in our lives!

Today is also special because we have been supported by the dada100 channel as a dada project.

25,5% of our goal, which is 1607 CHF, was covered by mamma dada!


We are so happy, we are speechless!!!


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