Dada 100

101 years ago, Dada saw the light of day at the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich. In anticipation of the extensive centenary Dada Jubilee in 2016, wemakeit, together with the association «Dada 100 Zürich 2016», was looking for Dadaist crowdfunding projects to be implemented ahead of or during the jubilee year. The Dada Bank, established specifically for the purpose, participated in the financing.

Dada, but How?

Whether re-enacting historic Dada activities, conducting research into avant-garde trends or tracing Dada influences in contemporary culture – we looked for fresh ideas to dig out the anti-art movement. Dada was and is the wasteland where anything grows that defies bourgeois norms and conventions.

The Dada Bank Will Help Pay

Since November 2015, CHF 20’000 were available for distribution. The money was assigned randomly. Together with 992 backers and the Dada Bank sponsoring by dada100zürich2016, a total of 21 successful wemakeit projects were funded with altogether CHF 226’832. Proposals were sent in from Zurich, Paris, Geneva, Biel, Bucharest, Höri, Bern, Belgrade, Basel and Mexico. The projects received percentages of their funding goal instead of fix amounts in backings. The Dada100 Wheel helped determine percentages between 16 and 37.


Dada and You

  • Any Dada project from anywhere in the world was eligible.
  • Participants had to indicate they wished to enter the Dada Channel when submitting their projects.
  • All crowdfunding projects went through wemakeit’s standard application procedure, received assistance from the project coaches and a confirmation in case they met the requirements.
  • The Dada Bank awarded contributions according to the random principle and at random moments.
  • The Dada Bank acted in the capacity of a normal backer. The money was paid out only if the crowdfunding campaign concluded successfully.
  • The participants accepted the guidelines as well as wemakeit’s General Terms and Conditions.