Almost 100 years ago, Dada saw the light of day at the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich. In anticipation of the extensive centenary Dada Jubilee in 2016, wemakeit, together with the association «Dada 100 Zürich 2016», is looking for Dadaist crowdfunding projects, which will be implemented ahead of or during the jubilee year. The Dada Bank, established specifically for the purpose of this collaboration, will participate in the financing.

Dada, but How?

Whether you re-enact historic Dada activities, conduct research into avant-garde trends or trace Dada influences in contemporary culture – we look for fresh ideas to dig out the anti-art movement. Dada is the waste land where anything grows that defies bourgeois norms and conventions. Projects from all over the world may be submitted.

The Dada Bank Will Help Pay

The Dada Bank has already helped fund twelve projects of the Dada family’s crowdfunding projects. From November on there will be another CHF 20’000 available for projects; money that will be distributed randomly. From now on, there won’t be absolute amounts, but amounts from the percentage according to every financial goal. With the help of the Dada100 Wheel, amounts from the percentages between 16 and 37 percent will be drawn.

Start Project

Dada and You

  • Any Dada project from anywhere in the world is eligible.
  • When submitting your project, you must state that you wish to enter the Dada Channel.
  • All crowdfunding projects will go through wemakeit´s standard application procedure, receive assistance from the project coaches and a confirmation in case they meet the requirements.
  • The Dada Bank supports projects according to its contribution principle – amounts and time of backing will be determined randomly.
  • The Dada Bank acts in the capacity of a normal backer. The money will be paid out only if the crowdfunding campaign is concluded successfully.
  • In total, twelve projects will be co-financed by the Dada Bank. Five projects already received contributions.