FreezyBoy – The Problem Solver.

Who doesn’t know the feeling? Each summer, we are bombarded by thousands of fruit flies in the kitchen attracted by the odor of the old compost bin. «This has to change!» is what we thought and the reason why we developed FreezyBoy.

What exactly does FreezyBoy do?

FreezyBoy is a compost bin perfected for the kitchen which freezes kitchen waste at –5 °C.

Degradation of biomass is interrupted long before unpleasant odors can develop. Organic waste can finally be stored where it is created: in the kitchen! Store your kitchen waste as long as you want – for weeks or even months. The only time you have to empty FreezyBoy is when it is full.


Order now and join the movement!

Need a solution to your compost problems now? Be among the first to have a FreezyBoy at home when it makes its world premiere. Order yours now and take advantage of our special offer. Please note: Minor adjustments to the functions are still possible – of course, only to your advantage.

FreezyBoy will be available as of fall 2017.

How FreezyBoy can make your life easier.

  1. No more odors, no more bugs
  2. Empty it whenever you want, without a rush
  3. It’s hygienic & easy to clean
  4. Use it in a stand-alone or integrated waste solution
  5. It comes with a practical 8-liter bin for longer storage
  6. It has a functional design
  7. It’s made of high-quality & durable components
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Model: FreezyBoy BLACK / WHITE

FreezyBoy is available in a lighter or darker version as a functional device with a removable inner bin.

Thanks to its ideal design, FreezyBoy can be used either as a stand-alone compost system or integrated into existing waste systems – with plug & play simplicity.

Included in the scope of delivery of FreezyBoy BLACK or WHITE is:

  • FreezyBoy BLACK or WHITE
  • Cable duct for use in a waste system
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Model: FreezyBoy Complet 600

The name says it all. FreezyBoy Complet 600 is a complete waste system including a pull-out and base plate.

Together with the company PEKA, one of the leading waste system manufacturers in Switzerland, we offer a complete waste system that fulfills every thing you can dream of when it comes to ease of use and quality. With the supplied pull-out drawer, you can quickly and easily convert your hinged door to a modern kitchen pull-out (minimum door width for installation: 600 mm). Your kitchen front will not be changed at all.

Included in the scope of delivery of FreezyBoy Complet 600 is:

  • FreezyBoy BLACK
  • Smooth-running pull-out system with base plate (load capacity of 120 kg)
  • 40-liter waste bin with clever clamping system and cover
  • Pull-out metal inner shelf (w/o dustpan and brush)
  • Set: front connection, soft-closing mechanism and stencil for easy installation without a technician
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The Stage of the Game.

Your pre-order will help us go into production of FreezyBoy. With your support, you make a valuable contribution to funding the first series. The higher number of orders we reach together, the better we can optimize the series and keep the introductory price of 720 Swiss francs. Thanks to our close financial network and the support of Business Development Lucerne, we have been able to fund product development. Throughout the kitchen industry, FreezyBoy has already succeeded in attracting great interest – which has already led to several partnerships.

The Product Features.

The FreezyBoy housing is made of high-quality, durable and resistant plastic. Its harmonious design allows seamless integration into any living or kitchen area. FreezyBoy is operated with 230V, and there is a power socket under the sink in practically every Swiss kitchen. FreezyBoy consists of a designer housing, the electronics in the bottom third of the device, and a removable inner bin with a capacity of 8 liters (about 30% more than conventional compost bins). The inner bin can be easily cleaned whenever necessary – and is also dishwasher safe.

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The Design.

Thinking about integrating FreezyBoy into your existing pull-out waste system? Find out if it fits:

  1. You need a modern waste system of standard 600 mm width equipped with a pull-out and base plate.
  2. You need 170 mm space next to the waste bin.
  3. You need a space of 370 mm depth in the pull-out.
  4. You need a power socket (under the sink, or an extension cord)

Download instruction

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The Energy Consumption.

FreezyBoy promotes the proper disposal of organic waste and, by doing so, supports the CO2-neutral production of electricity in biogas plants. FreezyBoy is driven by the newest generation of compressor cooling technology and complies with the A ++ efficiency standard with a power consumption of 75 kWh/year. This adds up to about only 15 Swiss francs per year.


The Product Milestones.

The prototype is now undergoing extensive tests in the testing laboratory which we are conducting with several Swiss manufacturers. Afterward, the results from development are applied to series production – and that’s when the completion stage starts with final tests, registration of the device as an approved freezer for the kitchen and, finally, production of the series. In parallel, we will attend product shows, give presentations at trade fairs and apply for awards such as Product Innovation of the Year or the Swiss Technology Award.


The Technology.

FreezyBoy is packed with innovation and technology – that’s why we were able to develop the most compact freezer for use in the kitchen ever made. We built the smallest R600a compressor, most efficient vacuum insulation and micro-channel heat exchanger available into FreezyBoy. The compressor runs very smoothly and is of the highest quality.

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