«Foil» together! An electric boat that can be piloted by everyone. Low energy consumption thanks to the «foils». An unforgettable sensation. Help us to perfect and certify it.

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Concluded on 5/10/2020

«Fri-Foiler» are innovative boat

Our dream is to share with everyone the feeling of flying over the water, as well as to improve the efficiency of the boats. Our boat works only with electricity, is easy to drive (self-steering) and does not require a navigation licence.

Start «foiling» !

The «foil» is one of the aspects that will considerably improve the efficiency of the boats. Indeed, the «foils» (submerged wings) that lift the boat above the water drastically reduce hull drag. By combining this technology with an electric motor and an efficient propeller, «Fri-Foilers» (the name of our boats) can sail at high speed with low energy consumption. Indeed, when the boat «foil» its power used is reduced by 60% compared to a boat without foils. Moreover, at cruising speed (20km/h) our ship uses only the energy equivalent of 1 hair dryer!

As a bonus, «foiling» is a breathtaking sensation!

The team

Since September 2019, Valerio and Alix, respectively electrical and mechanical engineers, graduated in Freiburg (Heia-en). «We both chose energy options in our faculty and we are both concerned about improving means of transport. We have already built the first man-sized prototype, called Prototype 1, which is working successfully.» Since April 2020, Stéphane joined the team adding commercial and entrepreneurial skills to the project. His personal motivation is linked to his personal goals and strong nautical interests, which largely correspond to Alix and Valerio’s personal goals and interests. Our language skills cover English, French, Italian, Swiss-German and German and more ;)

How will we reach our vision?

We want to share the «foiler» experience. This is why we have opted for a boat that does not require a driving licence. To do this we use an electric motor of less than 6 kilowatts which allows us to reach a speed measured by GPS of 29km/h with our old «Prototype 1». Moreover, being entirely electric also means emission-free and low-noise propulsion allowing us to have fun while being environmentally friendly.

Just enjoy the ride !

To «foiler» just push the accelerator pedal with your foot (like in a car). As the speed increases you will start foiling. During the flight phase (foiling phase), the steering wheel allows you to turn left and right. To brake: release the throttle (by lifting your foot) and gently you will go down on the water. Reverse gear can be activated by pressing a button on the steering wheel. <That’s it, it’s very easy!

A final word

Once we «foilé» for the first time, the objective of the project became even clearer: everyone must have access to this mode of water transport. We hope that the «Fri-Foiler» will bring as many smiles as possible and help to expand the fleet of flying boats.

Why are we running this Crowdfunding campaign?

We built our «Prototype 1» ( https://www.fri-foil.ch/products ) to validate all electrical and mechanical systems intended for a human driver use. We plan to finish the construction of an ergonomic and improved «Prototype 2» by mid-August 2020 (see media below). At that time, the phase of our actual tests will begin. This second prototype will allow us to gain visibility and gather additional feedback from outsiders. It will allow us to gain valuable knowledge for the sales phase.
After these tests, here are our next objectives:

  • Search for investors
  • Preparation of the prototype for mass production plans
  • Certifications required for certification
  • Start pre-sales to support industrialization

    In parallel to these activities, the success of this campaign will be marked by the creation of the company «Fri Foil Sàrl».

How will your funding be used?

All your funds are used exclusively for the creation of the company, tests, the rental of the workshop and the search for investors. Examples of the tasks we have to carry out are: setting up the company, real-life safety tests, nautical scientific evaluation by experts and official bodies, establishing the methods for series production, negotiating with suppliers, etc.

Your participation is essential for the successful continuation of our project. This is why we are conducting this crowdfunding campaign (participative financing).

Thank you!