Fruitilyzer: Do your own organic techno

For 3 years, Tim & Puma Mimi have been playing liveshows around the globe using an «electrified cucumber». The cucumber became the secret star of the show.

That’s not meant to be a magic trick, we want to give the fun to our fans, too. With a super easy DIY-Kit you can electrify your own vegetable or fruit. Super-Mario would get an extra life.

In addition to the DIY-Kit you need a soldering iron, a 9V battery and an amplifier, like a guitaramp (and cable) or active speakers (like the ones you plug in your computer).

Why we need you to back this project

The prototype is working, now we have to get the material for the DIY-Kit, design a nice instruction sheet, acid the circuit board and pack it nice.

«Klingende Glückskekse» (Tagesanzeiger from 07.06.2012)