Who am I ?

My name is David Gagnebin and I’m 35 years old. Adopted child, in a family from the « Jura bernois » region, the passion for whatchmaking has been passed to me : actually, the Gagnebin have been linked to watches for more than a century.

After 15 years of experience in watches design, I have decided to reborn this legacy with you, mixing modernity and tradition.

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Why this project ?

This crowfunding is the occasion to share my passion and mystory with you. The respect of values and traditions is very important to me. These were offered preciously by the passed generations. And I wish that the Renan Collection would be also transmitted to the future generations.

Renan is the name of a village of the « Jura Bernois » from which the whole Gagnebin genealogy is coming from. Renan has a great watchmaking history : a lot of watches were made in this village.

Frankly, this project has three goals :

  • Reborn this history given by my ancestors
  • Create a brand in the cradle of watchmaking
  • Prove that modernity can embrace tradition

By joining this project, you support a real swiss brand with a great history. Looking forward, remembering the past.

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How are the watches made ?

The watches are produced in Bienne, in the heart of swiss watchmaking industry. Every component is made with attention and the watchmakers check them carefully, in ordrer to get a perfect final product.

The mouvement is mechanical and swiss made, ETA 2801, and has a power reserve of 42 hours.


What do they look like ?

The Renan collection includes two designs, available in three different styles :

  • The first one has a modern and graphical style, with two different straps (leader and metallic). It symbolizes the rebirth of the familial know-how : a way to move forward.
  • The second one has classical influences, from the middle of the 20th century, when the family brand has disappeared : a tribute to the legacy of generations.
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What will happen next ?

The money will be used to produce the pre-ordered watches and to relaunch the family brand : Gagnebin.

Now, the technical development is done, and two prototypes have been produced. The next steps are :

  1. Starting the production of 500 pieces, by the different producers.
  2. The control every component
  3. The watches’ assembly
  4. The final quality control
  5. The delivery

This process will last 6 months. The delivery is planned on the 1st of august, Swiss national day.

Every contributor will be informed personally about the project’s progress.

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