A small book carrying a big message

«Geliebtes Zürich» is more than just 20 stories and illustrations, wich guide you through Zurich by the eyes and hearts of its citizens. As it is compostable, climate-neutral, printed as a small edition according to Cradle-to-Cradle Gold Standard in a swiss printing company, it proves that creativity can be lived sustainably and mindful.

The limited first edition, wich was funded by a crowdfunding campaign on «wemakeit» back in 2019, was quickly sold out. Here comes the second edition: 20 new stories and places, inviting you to take a long walk to discover the city from another angle - no matter if you just moved here or you’ve spend your life here.

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Why this project is worth your support

Like in the first edition, the places in the second edition aren’t randomly chosen. 20 authors wrote down moments that truly matter for them. The three criteria they had to match were:

  • publicly accessible
  • not consumption-oriented -in the city of Zurich

Through these three the book is a timeless piece independent from the ever changing cityscape. To every story a hand drawn illustration makes it easy to find the places mentioned.

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This is what I need backing for

With your support I can pay for the production at a printing house called Vögeli AG - the only swiss printing house being able to print by the Cradle-to- Cradle Gold Standard. The concept imitates nature: material is kept in an endless cycle to save resources from being wasted. Although they use green energy to power their production, they still try to make their processes as efficient as possible to save as much energy as they’re able to. With water usage a mindful handling is required and they as well care for sustainability in human resources. In a nutshell: a holistic approach that makes the health and happiness of nature and its inhabitants their first priority.

Help to ensure that «Geliebtes Zürich» can find its way into the living rooms as a food for thought and serve as an example of a circular economy that stands for the sustainable use of resources and fair conditions. Big THANKS to Sonia, Miguel, Raquel, Daryna, Florina, Nicola, Sam, Remo, Lisa, Dominik, Mia, Anja, Lukas, Claudia, Alex, Elina, Victor, Recha, Cait and Vera for the stories and Ian, Felix and Ivan for the great video!

PS: The first book «Geliebtes Zürich» and the crowdfunding for it were written as final theses of the professional and federal Matura.

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