Let’s «GIVE» to those who «NEED»

Give away whats still good, usefull and complete (all pieces) to people who need things or simply have a wish. Our houses, cellars, cupboards, garages are full of usefull stuff thats hardly ever used.

Most refugees had to leave all their belongings behind, their families and friends, and after a stressful journey most of them arrive here with nothing more than a few clothes.

How it works:

Those who have things that are usefull and still working make a picture, upload it with a description, add your address, e-mail and/or phone number and decide whether you deliver it (personally or by post) or it has to be picked up.

Refugees can surf trough the website and if they find something «needed» they can send a request. The involved people get connected via Mail or telephone (WhatsApp).

Why money?

  1. Features: We would like to enhance the platform with a google-map and a better regional search so it can be better used national & international. Plus many other ideas such as, delivery service, storage, multilingual website and more…
  2. Maintenance & enhancement: Constantly improve and maintain the platform is time intensive and allot of work.
  3. Recuring costs: SMS services generate external & recurring fees.
  4. Promotion: To make the platform visible and known we need to produce flyers & stickers and make ad’s

Good reasons

  • Helpfull: Refugees get very little money per day, are not allowed to work, and need to start again from scratch. They need more or less everything for a living.
  • Integrativ: Connecting with refugees is an inspiring thing and encourages the understanding on both sides. Take the chance to meet someone from a different place, culture or religion. Meet, connect and make friends!
  • Sustainable: Stuff lying around without being used is a waste of resources. Enlarging usage time of any material helps to save precious resources on this planet. Remember, war of resources is one of the reasons, why these people are refugees!
  • Liberating: Getting rid of your unused stuff is liberating and gives space for other things in life, go for it!