1 project, 3 visas, 5 continents, 6 months, 7 bags, 8 vaccines, 15 countries, 25 parcels, 32 degrees, 72 questions, 142 hours of flying, 181 nights, 543 meals, …

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I will visit designers and craftsmen using a questionnaire to trigger a discussion around their discipline and production. In a wider perspective, this project will also concentrate on the cultures, customs, know-how, habits and traditions.


I already have plane tickets for Morocco, Senegal and Madagascar. I need your support for the «round the world» ticket that will include stops in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Japan, New Caledonia, Australia, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Cuba and Brazil.

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Research that is direct and anthropological, so as to allow the creation of an inventory of designers, thoughts, designer objects, recipes and manufacturing techniques with the aim of reflecting on durability, between industry and crafts and on the objects themselves and their relationship to mankind.

In Fine

At the end of this non-exhaustive round the world trip, the aim is to create a collection of objects through selection only so as to demonstrate and develop views and a conclusion to this project.

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