GPS Pet Tracking made easy

by @TrackPaws


Tracking pets, reuniting them with owners, saving lives it’s what we do. With our tracking devices and within a few clicks using our easy and simple mobile app you know exactly where your pets are.

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Concluded on 25/12/2017

This is what it's all about...

Tracking pets, reuniting them with owners, saving lives it’s what we do!

While you’re at work, late at night, or even just on the other side of the house, your pets are enjoying their lives, wandering around the yard, sunbathing on a balcony just being pets. Yet every year, thousands of pets go missing. Some wander out of an open gate, run after something interesting, and some even get stolen… Owners struggle trying to trace their pets, vet’s clinics are filled with posters, media pages are full of posts with missing furkids asking for desparate help in finding their furry friends.

Why not to avoid all that and live peacefully knowing that with our tracking devices and within few clicks using our easy and simple mobile app or web portal you can trace them down instantly.

What do we offer and how does it work?

1) Your cat or dog wears a comfortable collar with our GPS tracker.

2) You set up virtual fences, allocating «safe zones» where you can reasonably expect them to be. Your virtual safe zones can be amended at any time using our web portal.

3) If they leave the safe zone for whatever reason, you immediately receive an SMS notification, giving you enough time to find them.

4) You can also keep an eye on their location at any time by finding them on the GPS map through our mobile app or web portal. It’s live and real-time.

TrackPaws GPS helps you locate your dog, your cat, and instantly notify you the moment they are out of their pre-set safety zones

It allows you to follow every step of your pet in real time and see their current position in an interactive map.

It’s estimated that one out of every three pets will go missing at some point in their lives.

They often end up in dangerous or life-threatening situations and that’s the last thing you’d ever want for your beloved furkid. But what if you knew the minute they left the yard and could find them quickly and get them back where they belong? You could have them back before they ever knew they were in danger, and they can trust you to always find them.

Our GPS trackers for cats and dogs help you keep an eye on your family pet, day or night. Smart and simple.

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This is what we need backing for...

Our project is nearly completed but we need a final push in bringing this new service and product into the market. The backing will help us launch it in both local and European markets. So, we need the funding for our brand packaging, advertising, complete some updates on our mobile app, web portal and setup our startup inventory.

Finally, we at TrackPaws believe in animal rescues so TrackPaws will be donating a portion of all future sale proceeds to local animal shelters in need.

Help us make TrackPaws a reality!