An online platform that facilitates the access to fashion information for people with a visual impairment and people without visual restrictions. Help to breed life into the project.

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What it is all about

Traditionally, information about fashion is delivered through pictures alongside articles. Without the corresponding footage, fashion tends to be difficult to grasp. Unfortunately, only little material exists that allows people with impaired vision to experience the whole fashion sense.

For my master thesis at the University of the Arts in Zurich (ZHdK) I have developed a concept for a website that facilitates the access to fashion information for people with a visual impairment. Not only is this website a guideline for people with impaired vision, but also people without any visual restrictions can benefit from this construct. The website «Guiding the senses» will be a platform for fashion, lifestyle, styling and shopping.


The site focuses on various aspects about and around fashion, one example being the encyclopedia – a list with detailed definitions of each piece of clothing, described in such a way to be delivered and transmitted without any visual content. «Guiding the Senses» is not alone a fact-based platform, furthermore interpretations and translations of lifestyle receptions, moods and emotions evoked by the sensuality of fashion are being addressed.

After my studies at the ZHdK I intend to expand the website with cooperation-partners to develop services such as personal shopping as well as style consultancy for visual impaired people.

As an example – an excerpt of the encyclopedia «Coats – Trench coat»
As an example – an excerpt of the encyclopedia «Coats – Trench coat»

Reason being why I need your support

The internet is an especially important and very necessary mean of communication for visually impaired people. In order to make use of it, websites need to fulfill certain technical criteria, allowing a so-called accessibility handling. The logic of the layout must allow a speech program to access tabs and to read out content and process the words into a Braille device.

In order to demonstrate such a website I would like to present a first result of «Guiding the Senses» at the graduation exhibit in June 2013. I have set the concept and content of the site, however for the special programming and the graphic layout the assistance of professionals is needed. With your financial help I hope to successfully launch «Guiding the Senses» – a unique understanding of fashion. I gratefully look forward to any contributions.

As a return

As a sign of gratitude, exclusive goodies and insight views on current topics will be received.