A fresh take on the Hansel & Gretel story

Hansel and Gretel don’t have an easy time. Their impoverished parents have left them in the woods, and from there they go directly to the gingerbread house of an evil witch. In the famous fairy tale by the brothers Grimm these difficult life circumstances also include opportunities for learning and growth. And it’s especially one thing the siblings Hansel and Gretel need: Teamwork!

But what if joint memories and bonds of childhood have been forgotten for a long time? In the theater production. «Hänsel & Gretel: Lost & Found» by Betwixt & Between Theater, the play begins with the adult sibling pair Johann and Margret, who have been estranged for quite some time. But by finding their old trunk with toys, they set on an imaginative journey into play, in which not only the story of Hansel and Gretel, but also their reconciliation starts to unfold. Betwixt & Between Theater based in Basel produces bilingual theater projects in English and German / Swiss German with the aim to experience languages and to get familiar with them in a joyful and entertaining way. For families and younger and grown up children from age 6.

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This project is special because ...

Discovering that they both have a passion for children’s theatre and partnering this with bilingual and cultural integration topics, Miriam and Scott combined forces to write and perform in a retelling of the story of Hansel & Gretel. As Basel is a city of mixed nationalities and languages with a large expat community and a native population with skills in multiple languages, they thought there was a market to develop their ideas into a successful venture of theatrical exploration. «Hansel & Gretel: Lost & Found» is a play that will be easy to understand and will be performed in three different languages (Swiss German, German and English) by just two performers performing multiple characters.

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If your child is bilingual and you want to share a theatre experience with them, come and join our community!

Theater projects cost money – and while we have a lot experience in all aspects of theater work, this is still the first production of our own and newly founded company «Betwixt & Between Theater». Your financial support would help us cover some of our expenses such as theatre rental, rehearsal space rental, costumes and salaries. We especially want to be able to pay our director Céline Meyer for her fantastic and labour-intensive work. We’ve been working on this project for more than two years. Not only do we invest a lot of passion, but also uncountable hours of work. Your financial contribution would honour our work and help us cover the costs for this production, which would also enable us to continue doing further projects.