Why we need support for India to breathe?

India is registering a global record of more than 350,000 cases of Covid-19 per day and the lack of oxygen supply in hospitals is pushing the situation to a brink. Hospitals are struggling to secure sufficient oxygen and the lack of beds is leading to patients being turned away. Patients on ventilators require continuous supply of high-flow oxygen and if the oxygen stops, most of them will die within minutes. The official number of deaths is beyond 3000 per day and continues to rise. While the country is reeling from this medical emergency, another malaise continues to affect the millions of vulnerable Indians employed in the informal sector. These people work in roles of street food vendors, security guards, garbage collectors, domestic help, etc. Daily wages lie between 300 to 400 rupees (around 3.8 - 5.0 CHF) and this is only sufficient for a day’s need, and thus every work day counts. With many provinces declaring lockdown, most of the informal workforce has lost their daily work and income and now they have neither access to safety from COVID nor the wages to support their basic needs like hunger.


Why should you trust us?

Humane Warriors has supported 200,000 people living in marginalized communities with food, livelihood, and education support, across 32 locations in India over the course of last year. With the goal to build resilient communities, the team has grown globally with 50+ volunteers and 52 partners to fight social and environmental inequity. With this experience and our values to remain community-oriented, transparent, and innovative, we make sure that every donation goes towards helping the communities in need.

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How will your donations be used?

With your donations, we plan to supply oxygen cylinders or concentrators to critical patients who have low SpO2 levels. Along with fighting the oxygen crisis, we will provide grocery kits to the families so they need not compromise their safety for seeking new work or fighting hunger.

A basic grocery kit contains essential nutrients for a family of three (rice, flour, vegetables/ pulses, oil, tea), for two weeks, costs approx. 15 CHF. For oxygen supply, our estimation is a cost of 35 CHF for two weeks of supply to a family. Your donation offers these families and the unemployed people a psychological, medical, and financial buffer to survive the lockdown.

Our aim is to reach communities in smaller cities and towns across India, people who are usually served at the end. Through our previous campaign for hunger relief, we have established a strong network of partners across the country and learned important lessons in effectively mobilizing resources for a positive impact.

This is a 100% non-profit campaign. All funders will receive a financial transparency report disclosing the use of proceeds from this crowdfunding. For the procurement and distribution of materials, we are collaborating with a number of partners, including the Robin Hood Army (Guwahati), SaveNorthEast (Assam), One Step Many Smiles (UP), Swasth Alliance, MH School (Malwani), and a team of alumni from IIT Kanpur. Through this campaign, we hope to help 2500+ peoples across India to breathe freely.

Thank you for your support! Warriors from Zurich, Eindhoven, Delft, Amsterdam, Bern, Minneapolis, London, California, Stuttgart, Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Erlangen, Lausanne

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