This is what it's all about.

Explanatory video in English here:

Being on the front line against a pandemic like COVID19 is exhausting! That is why we are developing a contact platform that offers first aiders anonymous access to psychological and physiotherapeutic support services.

We are colleagues in software development and want to help those who sacrifice themselves for our health every day. Our platform is created according to the guidelines of Open Source, Copy Left and Non-Profit.

We want to help!

My project is special because ...

Mental health care: a) is an underestimated issue, that people like to forget about.

b) being in a pandemic especially hospitals without end is hard.

This is what I need backing for.

MVP - minimum viable product

We have shown a clickable prototype so far and want to roll out a minimum viable product. Development is one of the tasks we face. Another is to optimize the matching algorithm between the care takers and people in need. Another task we face right now is to onboard mental care organizations to provide the platform with caretakers to be offerered to the people in need.

Link to Prototype-Walkthrough in English: