Since many years the world awaits our first EP (what we think) – and now you make it happen! (what we know!)

We’ve already put a lot of time, more sweat and half of our blood into the recording sessions and now we are running towards the finish line. For the last steps we need some financial help – and there’s where you get into the game.

Get the package of your choice and save yourself our eternal gratitude! Or a beer, or just whatever you want…

The Production

In the beginning of spring at Working Class Studios in Winterthur: despite the hangover circumstances topped with the singers sore throat, we managed to record seven songs. Under the hard but mostly fair regime of Marc Buffé (Hathors, Working Class Studios) we beat up our instruments and voices to the maximum. This experience let us learn a lot about our music and ourselves. We still can’t play right, but it sounds awesome!

To get it all in the mix we steered our boat with course Bachenbülach to Jeannot Steck (Soundcheck). We’re still not able to tell what you exactly did with it, but damn it was an honor watching you work, sir!

Unsharpened diamonds won’t cheer anyone’s soul if they’re not fit the desired ring. Dan Suter (Echochamber) sharpened the production for its final touch. And now the songs are ready for every speaker there is.

But here we are, almost at the finish line. Pressing the CD is still ahead of us and we do need a perfect cover artwork for our baby. To at least meet some of the expenses (e.g. all the beer and aspirin), we ask most humble for your backing.

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The Band

  • From: Zurich

  • Since: 2005

Her Father Knows are loud, dirty and snotty. Controlled puking meets crying infants. Referring to the late 80s Punk and Stadium Rock of the 70, they revolt against normal structures and radio fitted 3 minute tracks, without to cramp or to overcomplicate.

Sounds a bit like: Graveyard with short hair, Bruce Springsteen wearing leather. Trail of Death without pathos.

*All the goodies will be framed, lablled and signed.

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