Herr der Winde - Organ CD

by Sally Jo Rüedi

Biel/Bienne, Bern, and Poblet

Four organs, one composer! My debut CD for church organ will contain entirely my own music for organ. The pieces will be recorded on four Metzler organs in Switzerland and one in Spain.

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Successfully concluded on 29/11/2019

This is what it's all about...

Next year I plan to release my first CD of my own compositions for organ. It’s a project which you could say I’ve worked on for many years, the first piece having been written 20 years ago! Besides being entirely original music for organ, what also makes it special is that some of the music is to be recorded on the unique wind-dynamic organ in the Stadtkirche Biel in Switzerland. This instrument was built in 2011 by the Swiss company Metzler Organ Builders Ltd. and is the first organ worldwide to combine a traditional church organ with a wind-dynamic division. This instrument enables the performer to manipulate various parameters such as wind pressure whilst playing and opens up a whole new tonal spectrum which captures the imagination of player, composer and audience alike! My work «Kotura - Herr der Winde» written in 2012 was one of the first pieces to be written specially for this instrument. (see the link to excerpts of my music below). Other pieces on the CD will be recorded on three other attractive Metzler organs, namely in the Pauluskirche in Berne, the Catholic Church of Richenthal and the magnificent organ of the Monestir de Poblet in Tarragona, Spain. I am also thrilled at having been able to engage the chamber choir «Rheinstimmen» from Basle, conducted by Reiner Schneider-Waterberg, to record my work for choir and organ «The Moon». I am very grateful for all donations to the project to cover the considerable costs of recording, mastering, design and printing of the booklet, and the pressing of the CD’s. As a thank-you under «Belohnung» you can view a number of «goodies» which I have on offer, for example a signed copy of the CD, a private organ concert or a translation of a German text into English to name but a few…or you can simply make a donation. Many thanks for your support!

More about my project ...

You may have watched my promotion video at the top of this presentation? In the Swiss-German text I talk about the wind-dynamic organ in the Stadtkirche Biel which is shown first in the video. I then continue to give you an impression of the beautiful Monastery of Poblet in Spain which is embedded in the picturesque Catalonian countryside. On this Metzler organ, built in 2012 you can hear me play my composition «Incantation I».

I plan to release my CD in time for the Organ Festival for the inauguration of a new organ in the Stadtcasino Basel, a splendid concert hall. This will also be a wind-dynamic organ built by the company Metzler Organ Builders and I have been asked to play my work «Kotura - Herr der Winde» at a concert during this festival. You can see below for a link to the festival.

This is what I need backing for...

Such an extensive recording project incorporating various locations is very expensive and therefore I’m very grateful for your support in helping me cover part of the cost with crowd funding. The whole project costs something bewtween 12’000 and 15’000 Swiss Francs. In addition to this there my personal work in the administration, organisation, preparation of the sheet music, and of course actually practising and recoding the pieces!

Costs for the following also have to be covered:

  • Mixing and Mastering
  • Pressing of the CD’s
  • Payment for the choir
  • Costs for the use of the churches and organs -Travel expenses
  • Design, texts and pictures for the booklet, and also the printing
  • Promotion

Many thanks for your support of my project. I’m looking forward to releasing my CD in August 2020!