What is «Holy Chili!»?

«Holy Chili!» is going to be a 30 minutes documentary about the love of spicy food. For that, we will travel to Guntur, South India, to the biggest chili plantation in whole of Asia. We will go to the farmers on the country side, meet the best chefs in town and talk to the gurus – to find out why Indians are crazy about chilis and what we all can learn from that. We will not just make a film about food, hidden behind the spicy fruit lie many stories about the Indian culture, from Ayurveda to caste system.

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Why is this topic important?

Stress, work, studies, family…and somehow constantly lack of time – this is how many of us feel. We eat to stop being hungry and on top of that, way too fast. Rarely, we take time to prepare appreciatively a delicious and healthy meal. We tend to skip exactly that what creates the base for our health and thus happiness in life.

How people eat in a country, says a lot about their culture.

In India, cooking and eating are social events to be enjoyed thorougly.

Every ingredient, every spice is carefully selected according to its taste and properties. That’s what turns Indian curries into real health boosters. And chili is at the very forefront of favorite spices. But in Europe, many believe that spicy food is rather unhealthy for the stomach. And isn’t the food spoiled when everything only tastes like chilil? Jump on board and see what we will find out!

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Red chilis as far as the eye can reach – simply inspiring for a filmmaker.

Who is behind the project?

We, that’s Eva and Max, are siblings with a passion for filming and travelling.

  • Eva: student at the «Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design» (focus on film), «Holy Chili!» will be my graduation film.

  • Max: furniture designer and interior architect-to-be, I am excited about filming and editing.

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We need your support for:

India is pretty far away, Guntur even further! To get to the very untouristic city in South India, we need to travel two days by train, plane and car (via Frankfurt->Mumbai->Hyderabad->Vijaywada). We have three weeks for the shooting and want to make them count! With your support you will help us with:

  1. Travel expenses
  2. Equipment
  3. Insurance

Spice it up! Together we will make it!