Mical and Bruno are the parents of three homeschoolers. They founded a centre offering help and support to other homeschool families. Help it grow and develop!

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 25/12/2016

School Isn’t for Everyone...

The school system does not work for all children. Homeschoooling is sometimes a necessity (in cases such as hyperactivity, school phobia, gifted children, professional mobility of the parents etc.). It can also be a choice. Parents and children who practice this type of education need support and encouragement. This is the mission of our association.

The Concept of our Centre.

Educating your child or being educated at home and not feeling isolated.

To be able to exchange and share with other parents and children teaching resources, skills, experiences and to organise workshops in a space equipped with educational material and areas specifically devoted to stimulating and educating.

Find made-to-measure courses, both academic and artistic, provided by professionals.

Educate children in a space where parents, grandparents, children, brothers and sisters all have their place.

This is the innovative concept developed by the association ’Faire l’Ecole En Liberté’ (FEEL).

An Exceptional Place...

Situated in natural surroundings, on the edge of a river, in refurbished factory buildings, the centre with a surface area of 550m², currently welcomes 24 families meaning a total of 72 children with ages ranging from 0-15 years. There is a large lounge area, a communal kitchen, a study room, and a large hall of 200m², which can be used, for diverse activities, a large craft workshop, a living room, a library and a terrace with garden.

However the Facilities are Outdated...

Our gas heating was intended for industrial factory conditions. It is not adapted to our activities and we are cold in winter. We would like to install three economical and ecological wood burning stoves to increase our activity space and improve our services for the families. We also seek support to finance the installation of four small enclosed areas (see photo), which can be heated during winter, to accommodate younger children and organise additional workshops.

If, through your generosity, we receive enough funding, we will renovate part of our centre. We are full of great ideas for the future!

Thank you for participating in the development of this innovative concept, which is forging a path towards the education landscape of tomorrow.