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Hors Pistes

Hors Pistes is a collaborative project created by Marie Douel and Amandine David. The project explores new ways of creation, sitting between craft and design. Each year, workshops will get craftsmen and designers together to share skills, techniques, and processes. They will create products that will highlight a mutual enrichment and celebrate a cross cultural perspective.

Hello Ouagadougou!

For the first edition, Hors Pistes will settle down in Ouagadougou for 45 days with 8 product designers, 7 craftsmen, 2 graphic designers and 2 photographers. Designers and artisans will be creating objects together that highlight a cross cultural perspective. Through this mutual enrichment, the artisans will be able to share their skills and techniques and the designers their creative process. They will propose new potential applications as well.

Burkina Faso now recognizes the importance of design and we want to be part of the game. This will translate the cross cultural aspect of the project. Through this collaboration, artisans will showcase their know-how and create a line of products destined to an international market.

The designers will in turn grasp new techniques, work in an unfamiliar environment, and enhance their technical and formal vocabulary by working with unusual materials.

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Artists and Artisans from Burkina Faso

  • Ablacé Ilboudo, leather craftsman
  • Alphonse Ouedraogo, bronze foundry
  • Antoinette Bonkougou, cloth weaving
  • Maurice Nagalo, plastique bags weaving
  • Emmanuel Ilboudo, aluminium foundry
  • Amed Dicko, photographer
  • Ousman Yerbanga, painter

Seven craftsmen have been chosen for their talent, generosity and spirit of innovation, with whom Amandine and Marie had the opportunity to work with during the past four years.

All very different, their rich knowledge will provide the support for a diverse and large range of objects.

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French-Swiss Team of designers photographers and graphic designers

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What’s next?

The objects resulting from cultural exchange will be presented at several exhibitions in addition to the first show in Ouagadougou opening on the 18th of October at the French Institute for the Culture. The following exhibitions will take place in France and Switzerland.


Your support

the 8000 francs will be used to finance the 45 days of workshop: artisans salaries, materials, making, photographs prints.

In the case the target is exceeded, the remaining will be used for the exhibitions back in Europe.

What will you get

All the rewards will be made in Burkina Faso and realised by the artists, designers and craftmen from Burkina Faso and Europe.

For information...

For our friends in the Euro zone: 10 swiss francs= 8 €!

For our English friends: 10 swiss francs= 6.8 £!

For our Singaporians friends: 10 swiss francs= 13 sgd!

For our Burkinabe friends: 10 swiss francs= 5255 francs CFA!