Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit. We strive to offer quality online yoga courses, designed by certified yoga teachers. What if you could practice anywhere, at anytime !

CHF 20’783

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103 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 20/6/2018

Our vision

At House of Yoga, we are very passionate about body-mind connection. It is our mission to spread the awareness of the benefits of yoga and help people reconnect with themselves. We strive to offer all yogis a daily dose of yoga with a wide range of quality courses targeting all levels, designed by certified yoga teachers. Yoga for everyone, anywhere, at anytime.In addition to that House of Yoga seeks to build a sense of meaningful community of like-minded people online.

HOY offers power/vinyasa courses different from traditional courses. The martial art background of our teachers definitively influences our classes. Indeed, we brought the fire, discipline and determination of martial arts into yoga.

We have an ambition to successfully launch this project and make it the ultimate online place to learn yoga. Driven by passion for both technology and yoga, we already accomplished 40% of the project without any external funding. Your backing would help us to speed things up tremendously!

We are so determined and well prepared that only the total shutdown of or invasion from Mars would prevent us from launching the project. On a more realistic note, the biggest calculated risk is the developers. They are human after all (are they?) :). If one developer leaves or messes up, it won’t play havoc with the project. We have an extended team of talented developers and a reasonable timeline for them to pick up where the work was left.

House of Yoga
House of Yoga

What’s the goal of HouseOfYoga.ch ?

Your yoga practice can be as simple or as complex as you choose it to be. The beauty of yoga is that there is no competing, no wrong path or speed to go. The ultimate goal of yoga is creating reconciliation between your physical being and emotional self. Our platform has everything you need to help you find this balance.

Features you need. An experience you’Il love

  • Pro HD videos
  • 15 main yoga styles
  • Yoga classes at all levels
  • Unlimited access
  • Badges, points and levels
  • Great time saver
  • International Yoga Community

Why we need your support

  • HouseOfYoga.ch needs a community. To bring these people together we want to advertise, make stickers, flyers and posters and advertise online including social media.
  • For the IT infrastructure and to build our website.

That’s what you get for it

A website that gives you the opportunity to take Yoga classes without any time constraints. With your active help in the yoga-community, you can actually make a change. If you support us with a reward of more than 200 francs, we will enter your name on our website. (If you wish).

This happens when it’s over financed

  • If we get up to CHF 20’000 to CHF 25’000 we’Il program live session classes
  • At CHF 25’000 We’Il extend to the European countries
  • Above CHF 30’000 we’ll make a native app with additional functionalities!
House of Yoga
House of Yoga