What it is about?

The small island of Stromboli in Southern Italy is impressive with its typical shape and unique with the regular eruptions of a still active volcano. This documentary is about the inhabitants of this island who live with this force of nature. Whilst their existence is under permanent threat, they remain connected to and fascinated by the volcano.

In the last years the island has been confronted with enormous changes and challenges: In the summer season the growing mass of «short-term stay» tourism overruns the island with its attractive volcano. Modern developments like the internet and global mobility have influenced the life of the island massively. Stromboli is suffering from increasing emigration which is having an effect on the sense of community, specially in the isolation of wintertime.


What's unique about the project?

Many documentaries and reports have been produced about Stromboli, but most portray the astonishing nature and attraction of the volcano. This film project is about the people who live on this island. In this essayistic documentary inhabintants of Stromboli will share their personal stories: anecdotes, memories, future plans and dreams, which are all in one way or another connected with the island and the volcano. These personal tales will be combined with atmospheric images and archive footage to show the inhabitants’ connection to the island over the course of time and to follow a population in search of a way to map out a sustainable future.


This is what we need backing for

We are at the development stage and after the research trips we hopefully can start soon with the production of the film. The amount of 15’000 Swiss Francs through wemakeit will support us a lot in this starting phase. Many heartful thanks!!