A new bike transport service in Bern! We are turning our passion into a profession and want to become independent. With your support, you can get us on the road!

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Successfully concluded on 31/12/2023

We are founding a Bicycle Courier Cooperative!

The idea of a new bike transport service in Bern has been buzzing around in our heads for some time. But now it’s becoming a reality! We are a diverse group of people with a wide range of know-how and experience:

Amina, who has courier experience from St. Gallen and plenty of ideas for structuring our work as a collective, Chames with a passion for accounting and the corresponding knowledge from his business studies, Hudson with his expertise in IT and helpful pragmatism, Konstantin with his large network and the joy of exchange, Milla, who has experience as a courier in Switzerland and abroad, Sofie, who enjoys organising and implementing ideas and has experience as a bike courier in Bern, Stephan with an eye for design and many years of courier experience in Bern, and Tabs, who has important expertise in communication management and a good dose of optimism.

Together we are founding Intracity Courier - a bicycle courier collective organised as a cooperative. We look forward to the challenges ahead and are excited to find creative solutions together.

  • The faces of Intracity Courier
    The faces of Intracity Courier
  • Behind the scenes: Video shoot with the Voll Toll collective
    Behind the scenes: Video shoot with the Voll Toll collective

Coffee Beans and Secret Documents

The founding of the Intracity Courier aims to contribute to sustainable urban development.

We aspire to work together with local businesses. We see personal dialogue with customers as an important prerequisite for this. Accessibility and a low-barrier approach are important to us - our service should be available to as many people as possible.

Treating our customers and collective members with respect is important to us. There is no room for any form of discrimination at Intracity Courier!

Our revenue should guarantee fair wages and cover any material costs incurred. We do not strive for personal enrichment and value transparency.

In addition to traditional backpack deliveries, we also travel with cargo bikes: so (almost) nothing is impossible to transport!

We want to move big things with the cargo bike: Vegetable subscriptions from the surrounding area to the city, deliveries of goods for clothing shops, inner-city transport between pharmacies and doctors’ offices, law firms and customers, who need to move secret files from one office to the next, carrots and peas between different restaurants and your lost keys from the lost and found office to your home. We also deliver the coffee from your favourite roastery or the wine order from the wine shop directly to your front door. In short, we want to convince you to switch from transporting goods within the city by car to by bike. In this way, we are making a contribution to sustainable Intracity transport!

  • Even a whole move is possible with the cargo bike!
    Even a whole move is possible with the cargo bike!
  • The first ride with our Bullit
    The first ride with our Bullit

We need your support

We are still at the beginning of this major endeavour. Before we can start delivering, we still need a few things: Cargo bikes, backpacks, computers and work clothes. Insurance and entry in the commercial register are not free either. We are therefore dependent on your support! So we can soon take over the transport of your goods. Thank you already for your help - we look forward to whizzing through the city for you soon!