Short fiction movie where the main character is an infernal machine which is ignited by a pair of cyclists in a post-apocalyptic scenery where only biomechanical energy remains.

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We want to make a movie around the «Ironsprint» (an infernal bike-machine) by making it alive through the magic of cinema. Your support will allow us to pay the actors and the technical staff.

The machine

This video presents the Ironsprint that was held at a cultural event. The machine of Tinguely inspiration is what we call a «goldsprint» in the bike messenger world. The principle: A very short race between several competitors who have to cycle as fast as possible on stationary bikes. This new version has two main innovations: A 100% mechanical system and the simulation of the redoubt mountain stages of the grand cycling tours.

Machine’s specs

  • 2 bikes
  • 3 mountain passes
  • 12 metal balls from petanque game
  • 18 bicycle hubs
  • 24 metres of bicycle chains
  • 90 liters of water
  • 150 kg of metal
  • 738 cogs’ teeth
  • Overview of the «Ironsprint»
    Overview of the «Ironsprint»
  • Gear system
    Gear system
  • The mountains and the figures
    The mountains and the figures
  • Overview of the «Ironsprint»
    Overview of the «Ironsprint»


In the not so far away future, the world is ruled by a unique worldwide government who has developed a power solution to make up for the lack of fossil energy: biomechanical power. Man and machine melt together in a simulacrum of a stage of the Tour de France. BH984, the randomly drawn worker, will compete against the famous Stackhanov, the model worker multiple titles holder. Who out of Stakhanov or BH984 will win this battle? You will discover this by helping us fund our project.

The Project’s origins

The idea of this machine of iron was formulated by a trio of bicycle addicts. Their goal: Build a duel for cyclists simulating a mountain stage. The creation took for more than 4 months of hard labour between the cities of Besançon (France) and Neuchâtel (Switzerland). This short movie presents the machine from a narrative perspective and to entice people to think about today’s questionable use and reliance on fossil-fuel energy production through the presentation of a creative power alternative.