Become a founding member and has a meal for life!

At the dawn of a new era of global goodwill, all of us do not ignore the benefits of a healthy diet on our health and wellbeing. Our awareness does allow us then to live as long as healthy as the people of Okinawa to Japan? Also called the island of centenarians!

Why IZAKAYA? what’s this ?

An izakaya is a Japanese brewery or a casual pub restaurant which serves you a large amount of small dishes to eat with a good beer, sake and other drinks and cocktails inspired by the flavors of Japan. You will spend quality time with friends, colleagues or family to share great authentic Japanese dishes, like a «Totkyo salaryman». The izakaya lead you to the heart of Japan the time of a meal. Friendliness, Truthfulness, Enjoyment of sharing, such are the watchwords of this place of appetizers and Japanese food.

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Who am I?

David, born in Savièse. My way of life brought me to discover at the beginning of this century, a country of incredible richness, Japan. After the shock of the first discoveries and encounters, succeeded a country life with amazing and extraordinary contrasts. Immediately passion for culture and Japanese food settled in me. As can attest to my stories of my stay. Through my many trips to Japan and my immersion in the Japanese families I have gained knowledge and experience that only the Japanese have. My incessant curiosity and boundless for Japan feeds this passion daily. Today I am an artisan of soy (tofu), bentos and sushi. But also an advisor for your trips to Japan, a Reiki practitioner and teacher of ancient Okinawan karate. I constantly cultivate my passion for Japanese culture, eating healthy, respectful of human and environmental hoping to transmit and share this extraordinary wealth with you for the well-being of all of us.

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For what is your support?

This Japanese brewery is a major project and several financing steps will be necessary to offer a genuine service quality.

  • The first step in the processing and cooking of development according to the izakaya style, ie an open kitchen in the heart of the guests. This is one of the most significant steps
  • The second step is to offer a turntable on service bar (sushi conveyor) as we find in most sushi bars in Japan
  • The third step is to allow the creation of an authentic decoration izakaya in the heart of nature. The reproduction of a Japanese garden or the brewery will become a piece of scenery. The goal is to offer you a place in line with the Japanese spirit and in correlation with the spirit of our products.
  • Finally the last stage of the project is to take this concept on the road, right in the heart of events, weddings and corporate events. With our food truck.

That’s why I need your support and invite you to support this beautiful and ambitious project with the idea to offer a timeless place where you sample dishes with unique flavors, unusual, dishes that will transport you to the heart of traditional and authentic Japan. Foods that will give your body and mind healthy energy, balanced and invigorating. Because you are unique, I invite you to eat differently …. for the good of all and of our environment.

Why support my project?

Throughout my travels and my meetings, gradually the effects of the Japanese diet and wellbeing it brings to the body and the mind will feel deeply in me. Thus, for my motivation and my knowledge I wish to share this wealth and these food benefits to all who wish to improve their well-being or simply discover new culinary flavors.

Today, it is time to realize this project, to offer a more diversified diet as a global program for better living. For you, too, can live long healthy as the people of Okinawa. My concept Izakaya is a healthy cooking with quality products, a convivial and authentic cuisine made according to traditional Japanese methods, artisanal production in order to convey the spirit and the authentic tastes of Japan in all its forms (appetizers, bento, menu, catering service and also cooking workshops).

One more thing, the izakaya pub is for all budgets, all classes of society without any taboo. The spirit of izakaya is simplicity, sincerity, friendliness, authenticity, sharing in the joy of all, the freedom to feel free! The discreet luxury of a life filled with beautiful things.

A quoi sert votre soutien financier?

Pour vous proposer un service authentique de qualité, votre soutien servira à :

  • Transformer et aménager les lieux de votre accueil selon le style izakaya, à savoir une cuisine ouverte au coeur des convives.
  • Aménager un bar à service sur plateau tournant (sushi conveyor) comme l’on rencontre dans la majorité des bars à sushis au Japon.
  • Créer une ambiance avec une décoration authentique d’izakaya au coeur de la nature. Reproduction d’un jardin japonais où la brasserie deviendra un élément du décor. Un lieu en accord avec l’esprit japonais et en corrélation avec l’esprit de nos produits.
  • Emporter ce concept sur la route, directement au coeur des manifestations, mariages et autres événements d’entreprise grâce à notre «food truck»

Voilà pourquoi j’ai besoin de ton soutien et t’invite à me soutenir pour que je puisse offrir un lieu hors du temps ou tu dégusteras des plats aux saveurs uniques, inédites, des mets qui te transporterons au coeur du Japon traditionnel et authentique. Des aliments qui apporteront au corps et à l’esprit une énergie saine, équilibrée et revigorante. Parce que tu es unique, je t’invite à manger autrement …. pour le bien de tous et de notre environnement.

Participe activement et soit au coeur de notre aventure en devenant membre fondateur