Jatobá Big Band

by dacostamusic

Vienna and Graz

Jatobá Big Band is a Jazz Orchestra with a Brazilian rhythm section directed by Marco Antonio da Costa. The Orchestra was founded in 2012 and will release its first album in 2017.

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Jatobá Big Band is Producing it´s Debut Album!

Jatobá Big Band is a Jazz Orchestra with a Brazilian rhythm section and an international horn section based in Austria. We are currently post-producing our first album, 8 tracks - around 50 minutes of original Big Band music, all under the direction/production of guitarist, composer and arranger Marco Antonio da Costa. The album was recorded in April 2017 at the recording studio of the University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Graz (KUG) - a top quality facility where we achieved top quality results! The repertoire consists of original compositions by Marco Antonio da Costa as well as his own arrangements of compositions by world renown composers such as Pat Metheny, Jacob do Bandolin, Joao Donato, Daniela Procopio, Eugenio Dale, Gelson Oliveira. We believe that such high-level Brazilian Jazz presented in an orchestral format - call it Big Band Jazz with a WorId Music twist - will be a fresh and original contribution to the international music market. It´s the reason we started the Jatobá Big Band project and soon, with your support, the dream of our debut CD will come true!

  • Credits to @Bergschaf
    Credits to @Bergschaf

Featuring a high level Brazilian Rhythm Section

There is a group of amazing Brazilian musicians studying, playing and producing great music in Graz and Vienna. The combination of our outstanding Brazilian Rhythm section with woodwind and brass sections comprised of many of the hottest new players on the European scene, resulted in a great new sound!


  • Piano: Fagner Wesley
  • Guitar: Emiliano Sampaio
  • Bass: Gustavo Boni
  • Drums/Percussion: Matheus Jardim
  • Percussion/Drums: Luis André Oliveira
  • Trumpets: Dominic Pessl, Felix Ecke, Marko Solman, Tomi Nikku
  • Trombones: Matyas Papp, Wolgang Haberl, Hrvoje Stefancic, Daniel Holzleitner
  • Woodwinds - Pascal Uebelhardt, Thomas Fröschl, Marcelo Valezi, Oleksandr Ryndenko, Nikolaus Holler
  • Compositions/Arrangements/Conducting: Marco Antonio da Costa

Special Guests:

  • Daniela Procopio - Vocal
  • Carlos Malta - Flute and Bass Flute

Quality has its costs...

Since Marco Antonio da Costa will complete his second masters degree at the University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Graz (Kunstuniversität Graz) with this project, KUG helped us out with reduced studio costs. But to bring such and extensive project together we needed much more substancial financial support. We applied for at least 10 grants which resulted in just 2 small subsidies: one from Land Styria and one from ÖH - both of which will only be valid if we finish the entire CD production and release it by the end of 2017. Ideally we would need EUR 10,000 to complete the project. With this crowdfunding venture, however, we hope to raise at lease EUR 6,000, the bare minimum needed to cover our expenses (see below). Your help is very important, so please look at our our list of premiums (rewards), which we humbly offer as appreciation for your support of the Jatobá Big Band CD project.


  • 20 Superb musicians
  • Rehearsal Studios
  • Travel, accommodation & meals
  • 3 sound engineers and a state of the art studio
  • Mixing and mastering
  • Graphic design for CD & media design
  • Pressing and licensing
  • Video production