Jours Blancs takes you on a surreal and poetic photographic journey, into the world of snow and ski, and documents the workers behind the scenes of the « white gold».

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Photo Book «Jours Blancs»

My passion for mountains has been the starting point for this work. I have been looking at new and positive angles in which to create a surrealistic tale around the snow and ski world.

Deliberately echoing 19th century Romantic imagery, my images of ski slopes reveal the originality of a «new contemporary landscape». I focus on its intrinsic aesthetics, its extreme beauty. My work is far from condemning the degradation of the mountain landscape.

Jours blancs also goes behind the scenes of the snow and ski world: I set out to meet these snow workers and take unadorned portraits of them, thus revealing which unexpected insights related to mountain occupations in winter.

The photographs have been taken between 2011 and 2013 in the Wallis Alps, in the resort of Arolla, Bettmeralp, Ovronnaz, Nendaz, St.Luc, Verbier and Zinal.

A few images of sport competition complete this «shadow brochure» of the ski world.

Choosing to photograph on days of white-out only, allows us to move into another dimension, theatrical, a little like at the end of a performance after the curtain has fallen. The presence of objects on the ski runs seems immutable, set against a decor where a uniform white glow envelopes the skiers and lightens them; ski-ing becomes a surrealistic tale.

The book

The publisher, Kehrer, specializes in photography and art books. He is well known for the quality of his work.

The book features 47 images. So that the reader has the impression of going through an exhibition, I chose an unusual format (obj33x30cm) and decided to print on a «nature» paper (close to fine art drawing paper).

The white embossed cover was another choice to create a very beautiful and serene object.

Why should you back this project?

A quality book with a great publisher is very expensive. I am financing the book myself. If I take into account the cost of graphic design, printing, photolithography and advertising I go over the amount of CHF 20’000. By selling the 300 books that I will receive and a few exhibition prints I should be able to cover my expenses. So I thank you very much to make such a project happen and to back up an authors work.