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We will release our very first album in 2020 and we need your support!

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Here’s what it’s all about.

JUNGLE JADE draws from their contrasting musical influences and personal experiences to piece uncommon stories together. The duo combines minimal compositions with infectious hooks and captivating vocals with expressive guitar melodies. Crossing paths as fresh arrivals in Vienna, singer-songwriter Yelvilaa Bodomo (from Ghana & Hong Kong) and guitarist Shahriar Hosseini (from Iran) quickly became good friends and collaborators, eventually forming the project. For over a year, production on their first album has been in the works. Each track pulls the listener into a new world through sonic and lyrical storytelling.

Our project is special because ...

We’ve created a collection of songs that give space to the vast nuances of our human experience: AMOR is a love story complicated by migration; THE END and CLOUDS each deal with different faces of mental illness; and SUNNY TUESDAY and COMPASS are songs of healing. Through the creative process, we access and articulate these realities. We connect with people who, like us, experience no fixed ’home’ and invite them to find inspiration within the music.

The final product will consist of eight songs which will be pressed on vinyl and made available digitally, along with an accompanying series of imaginative visuals. We are excited to be collaborating with truly amazing creatives from our community to bring this project to life.

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Here's how you can help.

We’ve worked very hard to make it this far, but we need your help for the final stretch! Please make a pledge and help us reach our goal of 3000 Euros so that we can successfully release the album.

The budget will be allocated towards album mastering and vinyl pressing as well as remaining costs for recording and visuals. As we work independently and have been affected by the current situation, we especially require this assistance to be able to move forward. We need you!