Contemporary dance performance with live music and video instalation. The performances will take place on 07-08-09 February 2014 in H95 Raum für Kultur, in Basle.


«Resistance: the word that was invented to avoid that humans have to live on their knees» Jean-Michel Ribes

I drew my inspiration for this piece from the theme of resistance and especially from what happens to the body in that particular state.

What fascinates me is the ability every being has, when facing extreme situations, to stand firm without weakening by overcoming its limits. In that state one becomes capable of inconceivable physical exploits which can even sometimes seem superhuman.

Resistance is also the possibility that everyone has, not to submit, not to accept an idea, not to conform to the rules. It is the opposition, alone or in a group. And when a group unites against something, an amazingly powerful strength can come out of it.

For some this fight becomes their reason for living. One can easily get lost in an obsessional doggedness, not knowing anymore why but continuing nevertheless; to stop would simply mean the end.

It is these various aspects that I want to explore in the piece through contemporary dance, music and video.

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About the piece

Concerning the movement, I try to be the most consequent possible and to avoid ornamental movements. This makes me aim towards a certain minimalism and raw aestheticism.

In the work with the dancers, I try to find movements which really request their physical resistance, while respecting their personal way of expressing themselves. I look for a certain authenticity.

The music is inspired by the song «Rid of me» by PJ Harvey. Sandro Corbat uses repetitive and minimalist guitar riffs and plays with nuances of intensity.

Enrique Fontanilles proposes a video installation that constitutes the only stage set in the piece.

In KEEP BITING, the dancers are not on a stage, nor the spectators seated opposite: all are sharing the whole space. I want to give the possibility to the spectators to move freely during the performance and look at the piece following the viewpoint of their choice, going as close as they want to the performers or the video installation.


The team

I am the initiator of the project. I wrote the concept, I’m the director and choreographer and I take care of the organization. But I am not alone, I am very lucky to be surrounded with a great team without whom this project would not be possible. Artists of a quality and a commitment as we seldom see: the musician Sandro Corbat, the video artist Enrique Fontanilles and the dancers-performers: Jonas Althaus, Deborah Hofstetter, Margarita Kennedy, Werner Nigg and Clea Onori.

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Why you should support this project

Even when trying to keep the costs of a creation as low as possible, it is necessary to have a minimum of means to be able to pay the essential expenses: the rent of the rehearsal space, the video and light material, the costumes, the flyers and the advertising, and most of all it is a fact that the artists deserve a minimum wage for their work. They are professional.

With your support, we could realize the project in the best way and ensure to reach the quality it deserves. I believe this piece could be shown in many other places. It is the small brooks which make the big rivers… Every contribution is a precious help! So please go on! Support KEEP BITING!

Photos: Urs Röthlisberger