A children’s book dealing with the emotion of fear? That’s what «Edi der Frosch» (Edi the frog) is all about. Support the timid non-swimmer to pass on a important message to the next generation!

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Successfully concluded on 7/3/2023

A frog that cannot swim

The book (24x24 cm, 40 pages) is about a rather unusual frog that is haunted by a terrible fear of water. He suffers greatly from this unpleasant condition and tries to hide it from the ones around him. Time and time again, he manages to avoid confronting his fear until one day, he finally…? Of course I am not going to tell the whole story! That wouldn’t make much sense. However, there is one thing that I can promise. There is a happy ending!

Something special

I believe that this book deals with an important topic. The beautiful illustrations take us on a journey to learn that something very unpleasant, like the emotion of fear, can be overcome. I’m sure your little tadpoles will love it! I put my heart into this project and I would be very pleased to be able to publish it with your support. It would be a shame to just stow it away in a drawer. I had a lot of fun working on this book and I’m looking forwards to creating more!

IN ADDITION: The first page of the book is reserved for the names of all the people who supported this campaign! The more you donate, the bigger your name (see rewards). Hard to say no, right?

This is what I need backing for

After my work on the book was done I started looking for a publisher who was interested in releasing it. Within a short time I had a contract on my desk, ready to be signed. I haven’t signed it yet though. Without the necessary funding I would be in debt pretty soon. More often than not, illustrators of children’s books have to come up with the money for production and distribution by themselves. That’s why I’m here asking for your support. Without you a release would not be possible. The book is ready to go into production in autumn 2023. Thank you so much in advance.