What is it about?

6 international choreographers have been working with me separatly within each 5 days. Out of these collaborations I will creat my own solo and highlight the individuality these great artists see in 1 performer (me).

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Showings and final Performance:

You can see the process of the rehearsals on the Showings:

    1. Feb 2014 5pm at Tanzhaus Zürich
    1. April 2014 5pm at Liba Borak Dance Studio, Winterthur

The final Performance will take place on:

  • 13th June 2014 8:15pm at Theater am Gleis in Winterthur. Important: seats are limited!

That’s why I need your help:

  • 6 international choreographers
  • 240 hours with the choreographers
  • min. 480 hours for analysis, interpretation and elaboration of the concept with my team
  • organizational and textual support of my helpers
  • room rental
  • travel and subsistence costs
  • composer

… all this is only possible because of great and hardworking artists and helpers. I would like to be able to pay them at least a minimum of a salary. That would be awesome!

That’s why I need you!!!!

The team:

Choreographers: Charlotta Öfverholm from Sweden, Lior Lev from Israel, Katja Grässli living in the Netherlands, Elijah Gibson from USA, Jason Jacobs living in Germany and Olivia Marinoni from Switzerland.

Text: Stefanie Herzberger

Organizational help: Benjamin Kägi

Composer: Stratis Skandalakis

Film: Milad Ahmadvand

Photos: Helen Ree

Das Team dahinter:

ChoreografInnen: Charlotta Öfverholm aus Schweden, Lior Lev aus Israel, Katja Grässli wohnhaft in Holland, Elijah Gibson aus den USA, Jason Jacobs wohnhaft in Deutschland and Olivia Marinoni aus der Schweiz.

  • Text: Stefanie Herzberger
  • Organisatorische Unterstützung: Benjamin Kägi
  • Komponist: Stratis Skandalakis
  • Film: Milad Ahmadvand
  • Foto: Helen Ree