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Banana and nutshells are becoming with us the product of the future. Support us in the development of our biodegradable, elastic and bio-based alternative plastic.

CHF 51’200

204% of CHF 25’000

204 %
This is how it worksä

The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 2/11/2022

Take a new path with us!

KUORI is young, curious and motivated to revolutionise the world of plastic.

We humans produce huge amounts of plastic, which is either burnt or ends up in landfill. And although we think we are so good at it - in Switzerland, only about 9% of this plastic waste is recycled.

We at KUORI have developed a solution to counteract this problem and additionally reuse natural resources such as banana and nutshells, which are otherwise thrown away unused.

Our solution is an elastic, bio-based and most importantly biodegradable plastic for a wide range of applications as an alternative to the traditional harmful rubber materials.

As a first application, we address our literal «ecological» footprint: When we walk, we rub off large amounts of microplastic that end up in our environment. Of these microplastic particles, which are smaller than five millimetres, 600 tonnes end up in Swiss soils every year and almost 15 tonnes of them in rivers and lakes.

This is why KUORI is developing a shoe sole whose microplastic abrasion decomposes in nature without pollutants and still has the same properties as conventional rubber materials.

What is important for us?

Our goal:

  • The KUORI material consists of natural ingredients and uses organic waste,
  • the material can be returned to nature at the end of its life and is not a waste product,
  • the microplastics produced by abrasion degrade without polluting the environment,
  • and the material still has the same properties as conventional rubber materials.

To achieve this, our interdisciplinary team is conducting research at the Institute for Plastics Technology at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland in Brugg. There, we are currently tinkering with the various compositions in order to optimally adapt our material for the desired use. Depending on the mixing ratio, the elasticity, swellability or abrasion of the material can be influenced. However, one could say that we continue to experiment with different ingredients to get the best possible recipe.

Now we need your help

With you we will take our startup to the next level.

-> GOAL - CHF 25’000.-

Together with your financial support we want to bring our material to market.

-> IMPACT FUND SUPPLEMENT - plus CHF 25’000.- on top.

Once we reach our funding goal of CHF 25’000, we will receive another CHF 25’000 on top as a winner from the Impact Fund and thus take a big step towards production.

= CHF 50’000

If we even reach our stretch goal, the procurement, development and marketing of our material and the support of our talented team will be guaranteed for a long time.

So help us! Together with you we can change the world!