l'AM – the event (october 2013)

On October 26th and 27th 2013, Villa Ambrosetti in Gentilino, abandoned for over a decade and set to be demolished, was transformed into an art exhibition space in order to give a final farewell to this unique location.

Twenty-three artists, including two Tibetan monks who created a mandala that was swept away in ceremony on the last day, worked non-stop for two days, immersed in their interpretation of «memory». Wielding their creative spirit, the artists transformed the old villa into a true laboratory for art where their work manifested as a tribute to a place that was about to disappear.

Over 2,000 people visited the exhibition and had the opportunity to take part in five musical performances. Performing those nights were Rhò, Kadebostany, Franco & Gianluca Ambrosetti Quartet, and DJ Enrico Donner. Visitors had the chance to visit the first Artistic Book Art Fair in Lugano, and savor a menu prepared by Chef Silvio Salmoiraghi. The event was made possible thanks to the efforts of over 30 volunteers and the contributions by sponsors and the technical support team.

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l'AM – the catalog (october 2014)

The time has now come to gather all these memories. We want to print 350 copies of a catalogue in an A5 format and presented in a box. Included in the package will be A3 and A2 posters, a 32-page book on the history of Villa Ambrosetti with special content including testimonies from former tenants. Additionally, the box will contain parts of the artwork produced during the event and a little surprise.

To make this collection of memories possible in the form of a catalogue of l’AM – l’Arte della Memoria – we need CHF 10’000, and we are asking everyone who took part at the event, every friends and supporters to help us realizing this last piece together.


Musical Guests:

The Booldy Malmore, Rhò, Kadebostany, Third Reel with Franco & Gianluca Ambrosetti Quartet, DJ Enrico Donner


Carlotta Zarattini, Giacomo Grandini, Sébastien Peter

l'AM Book Art Fair:

Salvatore Vitale


Marco Conte


Marco Conte