« Time for an apéro? Yes, but with L’Ap Hero »

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What is it ?

L’Ap Hero, The Apéro Delivery Service for Gourmets in Geneva, is a practical and original way for consumers to order an apéro and have it delivered in a convenient Ap Hero Box.

Ap Hero Boxes are made of tasty snack food, which are chosen and put together according to different themes for each box. Alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks come together with each Ap Hero Box.

No matter if you are at home, outside or in the office, the Ap Hero Boxes are easy to share with your friends and colleagues. No preparation is necessary, no need to waste time choosing a multitude of foodstuff in order to make sure your apéro will be successful.


The aim of L’Ap Hero, The Apéro Delivery Service for Gourmets is to propose a new way of enjoying the aperitif by offering some Ap Hero Boxes of highest quality.

The foods as well as the drinks that are in each Ap Hero Box are carefully selected in order to guarantee a Premium offer. Indeed, L’Ap Hero is committed to not only choose products of highest quality (locally sourced or from abroad) but also privileges exchanges with regional producers (farmers, retailers, winemakers and fishermen).

On the mid-term, L’Ap Hero aims at widening its offer to corporate clients, proposing ready-made tasty aperitif and avoiding reliance on more complex catering services (advance booking, minimum quantities…) .

No need to rush for shopping and prepare your apéro. L’Ap Hero takes care of everything for you.

The Ap Hero Box

The Ap Hero Boxes are easy to carry and contain all you need to fully enjoy the special time of apéro.

The Ap Hero Boxes are made of different foods that are carefully selected according to specific themes for each box. The foods are presented in separate compartments within the Ap Hero Box in order to preserve each taste and ensure a nice presentation. To make the experience truly authentic wherever you are, the box includes handy accessories such as tablecloth, picks and table napkins. All drinks come with glasses and in case you have opted for a bottle of wine, a practical bottle opener is also in!

It is quiet simple to order you apéro with L’Ap Hero. Indeed, you will have the choice to order either through the L’Ap Hero website where all Ap Hero Boxes as well as all drinks will be available. Or by phone by composing a specific number that will allow you to order directly your Ap Hero Boxes and drinks. Regarding the delivery, it will first take place in the center of Geneva. Once the service will be more mature, the delivery will cover a larger part of Geneva.

Examples of Ap Hero Boxes (2-3 persons)

  • Box Italia
  • Box Cheese
  • Box Love
  • Luxury Box

More to come !

« Friends, good vibes, and the Ap Hero Box »

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  • The project is currently coached by Pascal Bourgier, coach for the agency «Genilem» (http://www.genilem.ch/).
  • The project is supported by the agency Pack Entreprise Cyrille Robert (http://www.packentreprise.ch/).
  • The project is enrolled in the competition IDDEA Ed.2014 (http://www.prix-iddea.ch/).
  • The Week of Entrepreneurship in Geneva. Prize consisting in the participation to the Gala Dinner organised by FER (Fédération des Entreprises Romandes) (http://www.gew.co/).
  • The project has participated to the Startup Weekend Geneva Ed. 2013, where the idea has been chosen and presented in front of the final jury (http://geneve.startupweekend.org/).

Your contribution

Your main contribution to the project L’Ap Hero is first your personal interest and enthusiasm. Obviously its success will heavily depend on the word of mouth that you can spread around you about L’Ap Hero and by your looking forward to its services starting soon.

My needs

More specifically, your financial contribution will serve to:

  • Purchase 2 vehicles (scooter/bicycle) in order to ensure a timely delivery
  • Hire staff for the delivery and preparation
  • Rent premises where the Ap Hero Boxes can be prepared and stored
  • Buy foodstuff and drinks
  • Purchase cooking material such as a fridge and a slicing machine
  • Create an e-commerce website
  • Promote L’Ap Hero project, The Apéro Delivery Service for Gourmets