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Sex is everywhere, I mean, so what’s the point?

Exactly! In a sex-saturated context, it’s important to have a public space (non-commodified, non-partisan, non-academic) in which to talk, think and confront our ideas, a place of freedom, expression and coming together. This is why the FDS has selected movies, performances, readings and shows, but also culinary, literary, musical, visual experiences, many different ways of discovering the vast array of sexual identities and practices. The FDS is a sex-positive festival! Hurray!

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Sex-positive? What the ..?

To us being a sex-positive festival means that embracing sexuality and celebrating it through artistic projects that encourage a curious, critical and open approach to the great diversity of sexual expressions.


So why support La Fête du Slip?

Because despite all our efforts to apply for public funding, positive answers were scarce. The Loterie Romande has pledged CHF 10’000 which is wonderful news and a beautiful demonstration of trust. But it will not cover the costs of a four day festival in six different venues. So we have decided to turn to you to help us to make this great project happen!

Because we do not have sponsors. If we must be held accountable to anyone, without hesitation we prefer it was to you all.

Because it keeps our prices down. We believe that the arts should not be a luxury, that they should be available to everyone.

Because supporting La Fête du Slip means offering Lausanne a little diversity. Sure sex is everywhere, but the one we mostly see is botoxed, photoshopped, normed, and to put it quite frankly, pretty boring. We promise to take you off the beaten trail, where sexualities with their fabulous array of quirks, contradictions and cheekiness lay waiting to be discovered.

Because supporting the FDS is a win-win situation: it’s good for what’s between your ears as well as what’s between your legs!

I’d love to support you but I’m a technophobe and I don’t even have a credit card. Can’t I just wire you some cash?

Well obviously! All donations are hugely appreciated, feel free to send us some money directly. We can add it to this campaign for you. Here is our bank info:

Banque Alternative Suisse
IBAN CH58 0839 0032 0945 1000 6

La Fête du Slip
Valentin 34 et demi
1004 Lausanne

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I’m a big fan of La Fête du Slip, and I’d love to support you, but I don’t have any money...?

Everything you can offer is good for us. For example, you could encourage your friends and family to support this campaign, by posting it on Facebook.

You have a flat in Lausanne with beds that are free from the 6th to the 9th of March 2015? We have a bunch of super nice artists to accommodate, so feel free to contact Kevin: hospitality@lafeteduslip.ch

You want to participate, hands on? Contact Dario: staff@lafeteduslip.ch

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And what’s this 3rd edition all about really? Tell us about the program!

The 2015 edition of La Fête du Slip is full of new stuff and surprises you’re gonna love! We have 2 new venues, the Arsenic and the Théâtre Sévelin 36. The lobby of the Arsenic will be the heart of the festival with a cantine, a bar, accreditations, the press-office, a naughty library, and all sorts of animations you’ll hear all about soon.

Focus of the year: sex work

Whether it’s on a webcam, in assistance to differently abled people, on the phone, in a donjon, in a hotel room, or in the streets, sex work is very diverse. La Fête du Slip invites sex workers to share their experience and perspective and talk about it with you.

I really enjoyed the «Porn-Box» last year, will there be anything similar this year?

Yes! The Cie A Contre Poil du Sens is coming back this year with a bigger and more amazing show, with 5 dancers on stage. This will be presented at the Théâtre Sévelin 36 in collaboration with Les Printemps de Sévelin!

And what about porn?

In 2015, La Fête du Slip is presenting for the first time in Switzerland an International Porn Competition for alternative, sex-positive and creative porn. After receiving 155 films from professional pornographers from 17 countries, we boiled it down to a selection of 21 films that will be presented in three thematic programs. With no less than 4 World Premieres, La Fête du Slip offers you the world’s most creative porn. The prize at the end of the Competition is the Slip d’Or, which will be given to the best film according to a jury. You, the audience will vote for the Audience Award. Among the nominees for the Slip d’Or is the rising star of feminist porn: Lucie Blush!

We want to know everything!

The 2015 program, with all the films, concerts, performances and all the other exciting things we’re preparing for you will be revealed entirely on the 16th of February 2015. Until then, keep up to date by following us on facebook, where we’ll be dropping spoilers regularly.